How can you overcome your limiting beliefs?

 Why do we have limiting beliefs?

Belief is a state of mind in which a person has trust and confidence that something exists. Is it as if he has faith in a person or a thing. Although identifying them is troublesome. To overcome these events is a daily struggle that is why empowering belief is crucial.

There are different types of factors that can affect one’s beliefs. These can . by parents, learned from friends, and even past relationships. Our brain functions on what we perceive and what we had experienced before. 

These limiting thoughts and beliefs can have several origins:

• Personal beliefs are those experiences that were lived by the person himself, leading him to develop certain blocks.

• Hereditary experiences and beliefs that are related to the way we were created, the ideas and behaviors that we observe and reinforce during our entire life.

• Fear or excuse is everything you use as an excuse to stop doing something or when you stop taking a certain action for fear of failing.

• Social circles of the people around you and those who can influence you.

• Society can impose standards that generate limiting beliefs.

• Religious beliefs can sometimes spread limiting thoughts, as their preaching usually defines which attitudes are accepted under the eyes of the divinity in which an individual believes.

Types of Belief :
There are two types of belief : Limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs
We have some beliefs which limit us and then we have some beliefs which empowers us  There are some belief which limits our frequency because of which we are not be able to attract what we want in our life and then there are some beliefs which empower us which gives us the power gives us the frequency to attract what we want in our life . Its extremely crucial for you to understand how beliefs are made and how you can change beliefs.
What are some of your current limiting beliefs  that might be stopping you in your life ?
 let's take one example of limiting belief for every area of your life :

Physical health : I can't loose weight because I have hormonals problem in my body and now that's a limiting belief  the moment you say  because of hormonals problems you can't loose weight then that's become your reality and you will never be able to loose your weight. You could also have a limiting belief that because of my age health problems are natural. The older I grow it's natural to have health problem. If you have limiting beliefs like these then you will have health problem.  

Relationship : Between husband and wife  if there is a limiting belief that after five years of marriage or after ten years of marriage it's difficult to have romance in relationship. If you have a limiting belief that my relationship always cheat me people in my life always cheat me now that's a limiting belief  which drops the attraction of having good relationship in your life so that's a limiting belief in relationship.

Career : Let's say you have a limiting belief  that it's difficult to have promotion without education that's right  a lot of people have this limiting  belief  it's difficult to have promotion in my life without education so what a lot of people think  is that  unless they do their MBA , PhD they won't get promotion in their organization. Frankly, that is just a limiting belief. If you have a limiting belief  that when the market is down it's natural for my career to slow down now that's a limiting belief. If you believe your market controls your business or your job that's a huge limiting belief that you are really living in.

Money : If you have beliefs that says money is the root cause of all  problems  in our life that's a limiting belief, You'll never be able to attract money in your life or making money is  very  difficult or I make money with a  lot of difficulty in my life. I've always faced struggle in my life if you have limiting beliefs like that you will attract struggle. 
  So, it's  extremely crucial for you to normally recognize your limiting beliefs and change your limiting beliefs  are you ready  for that I'm sure you are . 

           First let's understand  what are our beliefs and how are they mean. Belief is a simple thought which has been repeated  so many times  in your life that it has become permanent part so part which  becomes  permanent  is called a belief. Almost 90%  things in life are belief which is given to you by somebody in life. Sun rises from east and sets in the west. You've never invent never discovered  that yourself. When you say this is east and this is west somebody made that for the first time so that became  a belief. The bottom line any thing which is  repeated many times and  becomes  permanent  is called a belief. Now, once you have a belief  in your life it becomes  your personal reality. 
   Now there are some global realities or  beliefs that we live with. for an example 
I am a girl or particular person is a boy that's a global belief  whether you go to India or any corner of the world . That's a global reality or belief.  There are community beliefs which means believes that belong to  Hindus, Muslims or Christians. There are family believes,  some people believe that we need our children to be very liberal very free they should do what they want they want to do. there are some families who believe that my children or our family should  always be disciplined. They shouldn't do what they want to do they should do what their elders want them to do. In family there are something called  as individual  beliefs you have a belief I have a belief  our personal belief becomes our  personal reality

   There was one experiment done  on guy who lives in U.S. An experiment done on him on beliefs. He had cancer so a group of doctors just to understand  the power of beliefs they admit him in a particular hospital for six months and told him that after six months we're going to give you a particular injection we are working on it it's still under research  it's still under discovery but once that injection is done it's created in one dose you can cure your cancer. He didn't believe it but they kept him there for six months  in the hospital and they  kept repeating that to him so what happened after six months he started believing that this injection was going to cure me one day. He started looking forward to it and believed it that became his personal reality after six months they give him an injection and believe it it's a true story you can find it on google. It's called the placebos effect experiment this man was actually healed. He was actually cured  of cancer but now here's the danger part of it. Remember this was his personal reality and he did not create this reality  somebody else gave him this reality so somebody else can break it. Some reporter  found out about this experiment and  wrote it in news papers that these doctors have come with some fake medicine which they're calling it a cure for cancer but actually it's nothing but sugar water, it just a plain sugar water they gave him and that injection cured him but now here is the problem even though he believed that this injection could heal him and it did heal him when he read in the news papers that this injection was a fake in the next 48 hours this man died that's right he died because he realized that this injection doesn't work. His belief collapsed 
because of that his personal reality killed him. His body started reacting and when they diagnosis they realized that he died of cancer. How does that happen, because our mind, body everything's made of energy our beliefs are the strongest layer of energy when we vibrate that frequency of belief our body starts vibrating that frequency. Our immune system reacts to that our energy  around us reacts to that and we start attracting that frequency. So think about it now how important it is for you to recognize your limiting beliefs and change them into our empowering beliefs so that you could really attract what you want in your life. what is a belief? It's a simple thought which some body gives you in your life it's not reality it is just a simple thought that is converted into reality or belief by repeating many many time. Another way where beliefs become stronger in life is when you starts finding references that proves that belief is true. A belief becomes reality for you when you find references to prove that belief is true. For an example : If you believe that market controls your business then one you need to repeat that many times to believe that right many people say that market controls your business market controls your business so what happens because of that you start believing in it because you have repeated it many times but now when you start finding references to prove that this belief is true this beliefs become even more real for it becomes more stronger for you. 

         For example: you meet a friends of  yours and he says that you know my business was doing excellent for the last one year but the last month share market dropped because of which my business went down but this is one proof you got then you meet another friend and he says same second proof then there is another friend he says same third proof another gives the same four proof  the moment you get three to four proofs for proving that your references or examples to prove that your belief  is true now this becomes really realy strong right and then what happens is because you believe that market controls your business it impacts your thoughts your actions you take limited actions and then you get limited results. Now when you get limited results you say see when the market is down my business is down you start collecting personal references, personal experiences of your life that proves to you that yes this belief is true market controls my business. But the fact is that's not true the market doesn't controls your business because let's look at it market controls business for huge organizations like Tata's, Ambani's, Bill Gates, Apple company these are huge organizations their business get impacted when market goes down. You and I we're very small in the market. Apple company, let's say makes one hundred thousand crores and if the market goes down they make eight hundred thousand crores that's about it for them  that's market  down but for people like you and me who make one lakh,  two lakh, three lakh, ten lakhs in a month it's very small what is ten lakhs compared to what apple company make makes it's nothing it's not even a drop in the ocean so, frankly speaking our business has no impact from the market because market is so huge out of that it's a big market out there. Is there enough money in the market for you and me and our  emission of 1 lakh ,2 lakh , 5lakhs a month, oh there is  more than enough space in the market even when the market is down for people like you and me so don't worry about that there's always money in the market. Now watch what's happening you believe that market controls your business is probably already changing right how because i give you one  reference one logical reference to prove you that market doesn't controls your business your beliefs controls your business  because i gave you a very solid logic a very solid reference that market controls business for very huge organizations and not for people like you and me and that does make sense right so that logic is already giving you one reference that market doesn't controls your business you control your  business. If you could repeat this you control your business you control your promotions you control you career this becomes belief by repeating it again and again. Now all you need to do is find references which means find people for whom this belief is true find people whose business doesn't get impacted in spite of  the market situation and the more you find such people the more you find references the more you will believe that this believe is true that you control your business market doesn't control your business. The market is too huge for my, your ambitions I mean even though the market is down there's enough there's is like hundred thousand times money then my or  your ambition in the market. I'm not trying to make hundred crores every month I'm just trying to make a few lakhs a month and that's not a big deal for the market. If you believe this your business only grow also believe that I control my business market has no impact on my business. Out side there around you , you start attracting opportunities, people who give you business. You don't attract problem you attract opportunities. 
      You will be able to take action which is required to do such excellent service for your client that they easily refer you to more client. If you have limiting beliefs that market controls your business and you start believing that now your business is going to go down then your action are limited so, you are not taking excellent service you are not giving excellent service to your client so they don't refer you a lot and then you say that see market controls your business. That's not true you controls your business, your beliefs controls your business. 
       To change your beliefs do some exercise 
STEP 1: Recognize your limiting beliefs in every area of your life. : How do you do that simply ask yourself this question what are the negative beliefs that I have which limits my attraction in my goals in every area of your life for physical health, for relationships, For career, for money, and write down all these limiting beliefs because the first step to change anything in your life is to recognize that limiting beliefs. 

STEP 2: Convert that negative belief into a positive belief  using an affirmation :  An affirmation is a positive thought written in positive tense and present tense. for eg, If you're saying that you always find difficult to make money that's a negative belief now convert that into a positive beliefs by writing a positive affirmation about it , I easily attract money in my life every single day in my business. I happily and easily attract money in my life everyday in my business. Now that's not only positive beliefs that's an affirmation so that starts becoming your frequency. 

STEP 3 : Repeat this affirmation as many times as you can: The more you repeat it the more you belief it. Repeat it at least repeat it 20 times a day when you wake up in the morning say it when you go to sleep  say it  whenever you are free repeat it. Say that belief not just like a normal thought say that like you belief say it passionately feel it emotionally. The more passionately you say you feel it, believe it,  attract opportunity.

STEP 4 : Start looking for references, examples of other people in your life : when you look references other people that proves your new belief is true because if you don't find proof it's be difficult for your subconscious mind to belief  it. Create your own reference also.  Experiment on  yourself by doing any one of your negative belief and you becomes success, when you  become success that that's your own references and when you built reference of you own you get succeed in any area of you life.

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Take Back Your Personal Power Stop Being Blamed And Start Creating An Incredible Life

Take Back Your Personal Power Stop Being Blamed And Start Creating An Incredible Life

Have you ever had a person in your life who literally thrived on playing the blame game? You know the ones that are constantly belly aching that it’s your fault? Then you actually believe them, so you play the game of fixing all of their problems! You become the rescuer? I did! I didn’t realize it at the time of course because that is a life lesson that I was working on mastering and boy did we play a good game together! We danced in victim consciousness together creating disaster after disaster for ten years! He created, I rescued! He created, I rescued! Then one day he got himself in another situation (and of course this was all my fault!) I was so sick and tired of continually putting forth all my energy into fixing his problems that I threw in the towel. I quit. That’s the day the light bulb came on! I realized that I was not allowing him to take responsibility for his own life. I was doing him the worst service possible. I was dis-empowering him! I was taking his power away by fixing all his problems not to mention dis-empowering myself! That’s the day I gladly, and I mean gladly, handed him his life back on a gold lined platter! Ahh to peace once again!

Blamers are people that refuse to take any kind of responsibility for their own lives. When things go wrong in their life they tend to blame other people. Whether something goes wrong at home, work or school they try to find someone else to blame. I have found they tend to blame those that love them the most. Why? Because these will be the first people to ‘fix’ their problems and become their rescuers. Blamers will rarely admit to their own problems. Typically the statements you will hear from them are “It wasn’t my fault.” “How was I suppose to know?” “It’s your fault.” etc. Their dialogue usually goes something like this. “If only you had done something differently, then I wouldn’t be in the predicament that I’m in. It’s your fault.”

By blaming other people for the problems in their life, they become powerless to change anything. Their thoughts hold them in victim consciousness. They believe and hold thoughts of.


All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him/her it will not change you.

It’s easy to blame other people. It lets us avoid responsibility. And our minds are already predisposed to do it. But if we only focus on changing others, we’ll still be left with the same problems. Taking responsibility is a hard choice. It puts us on the hook. It forces us to take responsibility. And it makes us remember that because every problem can be actionable — there’s no excuse for not taking action.

Taking responsibility and refusing to blame others may be a hard choice. “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”


 It  makes our life stagnant : It’s a fact of life that failure is our greatest teacher. We learn from our mistakes when we accept them and try to transform ourselves so as to not go down the same road again. This way we evolve into a better version of ourselves. It's ok to be failure because at least we learn  something and become better version of ourselves.

 It gives power to someone else: Blaming in other words is allowing someone else to do the rest. We give someone else the power to make us feel disgusting or bad or whatever they would like us to feel. We hold someone on the top most staircase of blocking our happiness.

It makes us negative: When we blame, we automatically enter the negative zone.  It makes us a negative person from top to bottom. We shell out only what went wrong or what the person didn’t do or what life didn’t turn out to be. Whatever we say in that aspect has to be all negative.

It makes us victim : Walking on the path of blaming is the act of victim-hood. Because only those people who are tired of life and feels there is no way they can help themselves blame the rest of the world.

It generates fear and destroys trust :  When we blame, we often believe that other people have bad intentions or lack ability. We tend to excuse our own actions.  

when we blame, we are not in the present : when we are in blame, we are not in the present. It is not particularly helpful to live in the past. I know how hard it can be to live in the present when the situation is uncomfortable or stressful but it is the present moment that is before you. You cannot change the past you can only change the present.

Thanks for reading.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

 The Lost Book of Remedies comes as a vital book for living. This powerful tool includes numerous remedies that have been used by our grandparents to survive the wildest of conditions and get through two World Wars. It also includes a plethora of natural remedies for any type of condition or ailment.

Truth be told, God has blessed us with numerous herbs and plants that we can use to treat any kind of infection and to protect your bodies from external threats. Thus, the best way to deal with any infection or disease is to choose a natural approach.

The best way is to use the power of the nature in order to stay healthy. It is a proven fact that people who live on Islands, together with people from Okinawa and Japan, live longer, are healthier and also happier than most of us who live in big cities.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a reference book. This isn’t a piece that you’re going to just read once and forget about! It’s going to be a book that you’re constantly referring to for information.

The authors of this book set out to inform readers about some alternatives to traditional medicine. Today’s pharmaceutical industry is a force to be reckoned with. It’s estimated that, globally, it’ll be worth more than $1.5 trillion by 2023! But it’s just not prescription drugs that people are spending money on. In the United States alone, the average household spends nearly $350 on over-the-counter drugs a year!

It hasn’t always been that way.

Back before the pharmaceutical industry became what it is today, humans had to rely on natural medicine to get by. Early humans discovered a litany of herbs and plants that could benefit the body. They used those plants to treat everything from headaches to muscle pain. Unfortunately, a lot of those natural practices have been lost to the sands of time.

The Lost Book of Remedies aims to reintroduce the world to Mother Nature’s natural healing abilities. The book is chock-full of natural remedies that you can use at home. With 300 pages of information, the book is capable of helping you ditch those over-the-counter drugs once and for all!

High Blood Pressure

 Stress stimulates a specific part of one's nervous system medically known as sympathetic nervous system. As these nerves get stimulated the level of blood pressure increases The nicotine present in tobacco is also responsible for high blood pressure. There is a natural tendency for high blood pressure as age advances. The flexibility of the blood vessels is inversely proportional to age. As age advances blood vessels become rigid leading to high blood pressure. But high blood pressure observed amongst persons who are not even fifty years old is possibly due to the stress and life style factors. Practise the visualisation suggested below:

Now I am feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful... I am receiving the tranquilising rays from the Supreme... The undue stimulation of the special nerves responsible for increasing blood pressure is reducing... the positive vibrations have covered the complete area of my heart... the heart muscles are becoming relaxed and healthy... Day by day the pressure on my blood vessels is reducing..

Such specific visualisation at the end of each session of Raja Yoga practice can help patients suffering from Artheritis, Backpain, Asthma, Diabetes, Skin Diseases and so on when combined with the conventional medicines.

If you have found the informations given in this book useful, do apply them in your day-to-day life. You may also once again read the relevant portions. The practical meditation described in the fourth chapter cannot replace a systematic course given at the local Raja Yoga Centres. These seven days courses for one hour daily are offered free of cost. Hence, for profound benefits readers may take this practical course of Raja Yoga at one of the three thousand and five hundered Raja Yoga Centres situated across the world.


 90% of headaches are suggested to be tension headaches in which muscle tension increases or blood vessels tend to dilate. For relieving headaches visualise that you are receiving relaxing vibrations from the Almighty. Also feel that the muscles have become light and relaxed. You are receiving a divine lazer beam which mildly constricts the blood vessels of your head and you are feeling a sense of relief. Also tell all your feelings to Almighty as suggested in Stage VI. Try to let go the unwanted and unnecessary burdens. Fill your mind with POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

Acidity and Peptic Ulcer


A diet rich in chillis and oils as well as mental tension increases the stimulation of the specific nerves responsible for acid secretion in the stomach. The continued acid secretion over a period of time destroys the delicate linings of the stomach resulting into an ulcer. Antacids and other medicines which neutralise the acid or reduce stimulation of nerves helps a person for a short period. For long term benefits a change in diet and transformation of one's outlook and mental state are essential.

Regular practice of Raja Yoga definitely makes ones outlook towards the day-to-day events positive. Raja Yoga also motivates a person and provides enough mental power to adopt a healthy life style.

The following visualisation would benefit to reduce the stimulation of the specific nerve and in turn the acid secretion. This would also promote healing of the ulcer.

In a deep meditation state, visualise that soothing and relaxing rays are falling from the Supreme on to the soul and like a lazer beam have a soothing effect on your stomach. Also picturise that the stimulation of nerves going to the stomach is reduced... Production of acids in your stomach is also reducing and the ulcer is gradually healing..

How to treat Psychosomatic illness

What is Psychosomatic Diseases ?

 Disease  originates from or is aggravated by emotional stress and manifests in the body as physical pain and other symptoms. Depression can also contribute to psychosomatic illness, especially when the body's immune system has been weakened by severe and/or chronic stress.

Treatment of Psychosomatic illness

For the treatment of psychosomatic diseases when meditation is combined with conventional medicine. The dose of medicine can be reduced and the disease can be cured permanently because meditation removes the root cause of psychosomatic diseases. For treating specific psychosomatic diseases specially modified meditation can be used as a therapy. Simonton and Simonton of U.S. and others have successfully used Visualization techniques is giving relief to cancer patients. For example, if a patient had a tumor in the liver, he was taught to practice relaxation and in the state of relaxation they advice him to visualize a light falling on his tumor and gradually the size of the tumor is getting smaller and smaller and ultimately it disappears. They have shown that such systematic visualization practice helps quiet a number of patients who had cancer in specific bodily organs. Initially other medical experts did not take them seriously. Subsequent proper documentation and experiences of many patients have swung the pendulum. Now number of research scholars too recognize the value of such visualization techniques. Certainly visualization practice with relaxation will benefit patients suffering from psychosomatic diseases. Benjamin O Bidd and Joseph J Weed in their book 'Amazing secrets of psychic healing have given a large number of examples of curing minor or major physical problems by such technique which they named "Medi-Pic". They used various mental images to correct the pathology of a particular illness. Visualization is a powerful tool because our brain does not understand the difference between visualization and reality. Hence, the brain transmits messages for real transformation in the bodily organs. Following are some of the visualization techniques which can be practiced for achieving positive results in specific psychosomatic problem. First practice meditation for 15 to 20 minutes and at the end practice the visualization technique for few minutes.


 am experiencing the deep feeling of relaxation and bliss.. Naturally I am feeling so happy and satisfied that there is no need to depend on any external substance for pleasure... My Almighty Father is the ocean of powers... I am receiving those positive powers from Him.. My will power is increasing... My consciousness is becoming pure... Now I dislike impure addictive substances... I have enough strength to completely overcome my old habits.. I am also realising that these substances are hazardous to my health... Even if I have to bear with some discomfort I will completelty conquer this habit and regain the purity of the soul.. (Once you have understood the spiritual knowledge and experienced meditation the best way is to completely shake off the old habit immeditately. Even if you have some urge or the symptoms of physical dependence like joint pains, hallucinations, etc. it will not last for long. After 72 hours such withdrawl symptoms will diminish and you will be able to free yourself completely from the hazardous habit forever. Upto six months or some craving may persist but don't succumb to the desire The urge will last only for a few minutes. If you can control yourself for few minutes the war against addiction is won During the small transit period of craving you may divert your mind on other subjects or take support from your friends but don't surrender yourself to the addiction),

Obsessive -Compulsive Neurosis

 Now I feel a deep sense of tranquility and bliss.. I am receiving love of all relations from the Almighty.. I am completely positive and satisfied... My Supreme Father is the ocean of purity and I am receiving those vibrations of purity from Him ... I am realising that my habits are not normal ... I am receiving enough power from Supreme to stop this unhealthy repetition.. I am also deeply convinced that this unhealthy repetition is not going to help me in anyway... Even if I have to bear with some discomfort I will not repeat the act ... By tuning my mind with the Almighty I feel completely secured and my will power is increasing ... Day by day I am able to minimise the unhealthy repetition... Self control is increasing. I will put all efforts to completely shed these unhealthy habits... (Along with meditation to overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder like repeated hand washing or doing some ritual, also try to be in touch with your inner feelings. Have positive thoughts during meditation to overcome those unwanted feelings and also make sincere efforts to stop the compulsive act ... If you succumb to your mental urge and repeat the particular act, you may feel comfortable for sometime but your disease is going to increase ... Instead with determination try to stop the repetition. You may feel uncomfortable for a while but later on you will feel much more relaxed. Your self esteem will increase. Day-by-day put more and more efforts to stop your repetitions. Meditation will definitely help to overcome the inner conflict which is the cause of such compulsive behaviour).

Hopelessness (Depression). How to beat hopelessness.

Depression is a common mental disorder. More women are affected by depression than men. Depression can lead to suicide. Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you doing your normal activities. Different types of depression exist, with symptoms ranging from relatively minor to severe. Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but from a mix of events and factors.

What is the real reason for depression?

Research suggests that depression doesn't spring from simply having too much or too little of certain brain chemicals. Rather, there are many possible causes of depression, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems. 
  • genetic features
  • changes in the brain’s neurotransmitter levels
  • environmental factors
  • psychological and social factors
  • additional conditions, such as bipolar disorder
Abuse. Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can make you more vulnerable to depression later in life.
Age. People who are elderly are at higher risk of depression.
Certain medications.
Death or a loss.
Major events.

Ways to Cope With Depression

Working with a therapist is often an important part of successfully managing depression. 
Depending on the severity and pattern of depressive episodes over time, health-care providers may offer psychological treatments such as behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy, and/or antidepressant medication such as 
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
  • tricyclic antidepressants
  • atypical antidepressants
  • selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)
Express Yourself in Writing : Writing in a journal is great therapy and can help you manage depression. You can relieve stress by being open about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in your writing.  You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after putting pen to paper for just a few minutes each day.
Boost your self image : People with depression often experience low self-esteem, so finding ways to feel better about yourself is an important aspect of treatment. Practice positive thinking by focusing your thoughts on your best qualities. Take a 15- to 30-minute brisk walk every day. Or you can dance, stretch, or do yoga. People who are depressed may not feel much like being active. But get yourself to do it anyway. If you need a push, ask a friend to do it with you. Getting any activity started helps boost your mood. Keep it going.

Eat healthy foods :  Some people with depression don't feel much like eating. Some may overeat. But what you eat can affect your mood and energy. So with depression, you need to be sure to eat right.

Express yourself:   Paint, draw, or doodle. Sew, cook, or bake. Write, dance, or compose music. Chat with a friend or play with a pet. Find something to laugh about. Watch a funny movie. Do things you can enjoy. Even a little. That helps turn depression around.

Sleep Well: Getting plenty of rest every night is a must for your mood. Go to bed and wake up on a regular schedule.

Meditation : Having established  the communication with the almighty, I am Feeling happy and joyous. My supreme father is ocean of Bliss. I am receiving positive vibrations of bliss from the supreme. I am getting more and more interested in life. Life is indeed worth living. By understanding the spiritual knowledge  I have understood the purpose of life. Hence, now I wish to inculcate positive virtues in my life. I feel more and more energetic and enthusiastic. I am also taking interest  in the activities of day-to-day-life. Now I have understood that this body is the worthy instrument of the soul and i wish to take proper care of the body.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestion then write down in comment box.


 Now I feel deeply relaxed.. I am receiving positive vibrations from the Almighty.. My self-confidence is increasing.. I am also becoming a bold person. When God is with me who can be my enemy... In the company of Almighty no one can harm me in anyway... Now I have become a bold person and I am capable of facing preciously fearful situations with confidence. (Remember that most of your fears are imaginary. The best antidote to fear is to face it. Never run away from fearful situations. At the end of meditation practice create a picture at the very moment you are facing a stressful situation. Whenever possible, always recall the fearful situation by doing so for a few minutes at the end of meditation practice, you will be able to completely overcome the specific fears).


 Now that I have realised I am an eternal and immortal being and my original nature is that of peace and bliss, I feel comfortable with myself.... God, the Supreme, is my Spiritual Father and I have experienced his power and positive qualities ... When God is with me I am completely secure... Having experienced lasting peace, happiness and inner powers all my desires are fulfilled... I realise that except God no human being can protect me in present as well as in future... In the hands of the Supreme I am completely secure.... As I realise my lasting relationship with the Almighty I don't have any more expectations from others... All my desires are fulfilled. (Repeat these positive thought 3- 4 times at the end of each meditation practice and also convince yourself that most of your insecurities are unreal. They are never going to happen in reality. Also find out some points of spiritual wisdom to overcome your negative thoughts and repeat them daily.)


 Try to feel relaxed.. Don't worry whether you fall asleep or not. When you are moderately tired lie down in bed practicing meditation. Within a few days the sleep centres in the Hypothalamus will become active and you will be able to get a sound sleep. Remember what you need is rest rather than sleep. If you're relaxed even without sleep you will definitely get a good rest which is sufficient). The experience of the communion with the Almighty gives me a deep feeling of relaxation ... As I experience this communion with the Almighty I experience the original state of the soul ... My tensions and worries are minimised, therefore, I feel free and  relaxed... I am able to concentrate on this practice of meditation.. I am feeling light... My eyes are becoming heavier and heavier ... I am feeling sleepy.. I let go off my bodily parts... Slowly reduce the speed of meditative thoughts and let the natural physiological phenomenon do its work.. while you lie down in bed in a comfortable dark atmosphere You may automatically fall asleep. Even if you don't fall asleep just try to feel comfortable with yourself.

Neurotic Diseases

What is a neurotic disorder?

Neurosis refers to a class of functional mental disorder involving distress but not delusions or hallucinations, where behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms. It is also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder.

Neurotic Behavior

 People are often described as having a neurotic personality if they have the symptoms of a neurotic disorder. The term “neurotic disorder” is used to loosely describe a range of conditions that involve an inability to adapt to the surrounding environment. The group of conditions, sometimes referred to as neurotic disorders, are characterized by symptoms such as anxiety, insecurity, phobias and depression

Patients suffering from neurotic diseases such as anxiety, neurotic depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias and so on, routine systematic meditation practice proves beneficial when combined with conventional psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. First of all write down all specific symptoms which you experience. Also do some self analysis and try to pin point the cause of your diseases. Now at the end of the meditation practice during the last 5 to 10 minutes generate positive thoughts to relieve the specific problem. Several positive thoughts described in the chapter on conquering stress for holistic health can be used as per your specific symptoms. Following are some of the few examples of suggested meditation to relieve specific neurotic symptoms.

Gives Satisfaction of All relations

 In the present era our psychological needs have become more and more complex. In this era of Jet Race and competition most people are busy in their own world and hence are not able to find sufficient time to satisfy the psychological needs of their family members, relatives and friends. Therefore, they tend to feel dissatisfied with their parents, spouse, children, other relatives or friends. They are also not able to express this dissatisfaction openly, hence consciously or subconsciously tend to suppress them. This suppressed dissatisfactions tends to find an outlet unconsciously and neurotic tendencies are formed giving an outlet to these suppressed dissatisfactions. This mechanism takes place at a subconscious level and normally one is not aware about it. Even when one knows this psychological mechanism the present daily relationships have become so delicate and complex that one is not able to feel satisfied in all relationship. Raja Yoga practice where the mind is tuned to the Almighty and receives unconditional love for all relations, suppressed dissatisfactions are relieved. Regular practice of meditation prevents all these average middle class neurotic tendencies. Persons having some neurotic problems would also benefit from meditation practice.

Relieve Pressure of Life

 Human Beings can be compared with a pressure cooker. When the pressure in the cooker increases the safety valve becomes active and extra pressure is released. Similarly, due to several adverse circumstances and other problems of life mental pressure in our daily life increases. But in our life we do not possess the mechanism of a safety valve and hence tensions tend to find an outlet in the form of neurotic symptoms. Raja Yoga practice acts as a safety valve and the amounting pressure is released, minimising the neurotic tendencies.

positive Thinking

 Raja Yoga practice as described earlier, is an art of positive thinking. The thoughts that we generate are all positive thoughts. Within few months of meditation practice automatically become a positive thinker. Positive attitude towards life acts like a buffer and helps to absorb you shocks of day-to-day life.

Relaxation Response

 Raja Yoga practice is an easy and natural method of eliciting relaxation response. Herberd Benson at Harward University has done extensive research and shown that relaxation is an antidote to stress. When you are relaxed you are able to face adverse circumstances more easily. Stress increases the susceptibility of a person for neurotic tendencies. Under tension you develop negative approach towards life's events. You tend to become short tempered. The rational and logical thinking is hampered which tends to make a person neurotic.


 The practice of Raja Yoga as described in the preceeding section benefits many people suffering from minor psychological problems known as 'neurotic illness. Late Dr. David H Fink well known neuropsychiatrist from Califomia, described the term average middle class neurotic. According to him normal people also fall in this category. We all at times feel tensed, nervous, restless, frightened, have difficulty to go to sleep, tend to forget important informations, experience palpitation, undue sweating in hands and so on. Average middle class neurotics experience some of these symptoms on some occasions. If you honestly analyse your own life, you will find that at times you too experience such symptoms. Raja Yoga practice alone can be of tremendous help in overcoming these symptoms.

Psychological Mechanism. Psychological Mechanisms That Make Us Fall for Disinformation'

 Psychological Mechanisms That Make Us Fall for Disinformation' 

    Weekly News Digest December 2, 2021 — In addition to this week's Newsbreaks article and the Weekly News Digest December 2, 2021 — In addition to this week's Newsbreaks article and the month-to-month News Link Spotlight, Information Today, Inc. (ITI) gives Weekly News Digests that function current product information and organization announcements. Watch for added insurance to seem inside the subsequent print problem of Information Today. For different up-to-date information, test out ITI’s Twitter account: @ITINewsBreaks. Megan McBride writes the subsequent for CNA: As people evolved, we evolved positive mental mechanisms to address the statistics surrounding us. But inside the twenty-first-century media surroundings, in which we're uncovered to an exponentially developing amount of messages and statistics, a number of that time-examined equipment time-examined equipment make us dangerously susceptible to disinformation. … In a current CNA take a look at, we tested how, on this disorienting statistics surroundings, regular statistics-processing and social mental mechanisms may be exploited through disinformation campaigns. Our report, The Psychology of (Dis)Information: A Primer on Key Psychological Mechanisms, identifies 4 key mental mechanisms that make human beings susceptible to persuasion. … Despite their effect on the unfold of disinformation, those mechanisms may be normally wholesome and beneficial to us in our everyday lives. They permit us to clear out via the onslaught of statistics and photographs we stumble upon on a normal basis. They’re additionally the identical mechanisms that advertisers had been the use of for years to get us to shop for their cookie, cereal, or newspaper. The present-day statistics surroundings, however, are some distance extra complicated than it changed even 10 years ago, and the wide variety of malicious actors who are searching to take advantage of it has grown. These regular notion styles now constitute a vulnerability we ought to cope with to shield our groups and our nation. 

                         Associative gaining knowledge of test has shed new mild at the mental mechanisms underlying social tension.
A take a look at posted inside the magazine Cognition and Emotion shows that human beings can develop annoying closer to self-attributes (e.g., being unintelligent, acting fearful) after seeing those attributes again and again paired with terrible reviews. The findings advocate that tension closer to self-attributes — a center function of social tension — may be picked up via acquisition gaining knowledge of. Anxiety is the maximum not unusual place intellectual fitness problem across the world, and psychology researchers have invested in information on how tension is evolved. Experimental research has found out that tension may be discovered — while an innocent item is again and again supplied at the identical time as a terrible outcome, human beings will start to reveal a tension reaction to the innocent item, even with inside the absence of the stressor. Study authors Klint Fung and his crew desired to discover whether or not a comparable procedure happens with social tension — a bent to keep away from social conditions because of worry of terrible assessment. People with social tension preserve terrible perspectives of the self, endorsing terrible self-attributes like being unintelligent or fearful. Fung and associates proposed that those people may also have discovered those institutions via beyond reviews once they have been negatively evaluated on those traits. However, self-attributes are summary concepts, and it's miles doubtful whether or not human beings can examine tension closer to extra intangible concepts. “Many psychologists recognize tension and tension issues via classical conditioning,” defined Fung, a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia. “A famous instance is the Little Albert test. Little Albert is an infant who did now no longer displays worry closer to hairy matters. Researchers confirmed hairy matters (aka the ‘stimulus’) collectively with loud noises (aka the ‘outcome’) to Little Albert, which brought on him to expand worry closer to hairy matters even without the loud noise.” “People are afraid of various matters with inside the surroundings and the concern regularly reasons inconveniences and impairment. Psychologists try and recognize what are the ‘stimuli’ and ‘results’ for one-of-a-kind forms of tension. In different phrases, what's the equal of the hairy aspect and the loud noise, say, for a person is socially annoying? So some distance, researchers proposed faces/bodily traits of human beings is a ‘stimulus’ and terrible assessment is an ‘outcome’, because of this that social rejection may also purpose human beings to emerge as annoying once they stumble upon the individual that gave rejection, or others who appear like the only presenting rejection.” “Social conditions are complicated, together with faces/bodily traits of human beings, however additionally elements just like the authority of the individual you're speaking to, if the scenario is formal/casual, etc. Dr. Lynn Alden, Chloe Sernasie, and I examined this new concept that self-attributes, or how one sees oneself in one-of-a-kind domains, also can be a stimulus similarly to faces/bodily traits of human beings,” Fung said. “There is one problem. Classical conditioning experiments like Little Albert generally use tangible stimuli and results like pictures, tones, shocks, and loud noises. It could be tough to expect that a summary concept like self-attributes might be a stimulus. Luckily, there has been a current test that confirmed summary thoughts also can be a stimulus and we used that technique to check if self-attributes might be stimuli as well.” Fung and his colleagues devised their very own test to observe whether or not pairing self-attributes with terrible assessment could elicit expanded tension closer to those attributes. First, amongst a pattern of university college students, the researchers showed that the 2 self-attributes of low intelligence and acting fearful are related to social tension and that the 2 attributes are in part wonderful concepts. Next, they recruited a separate pattern of 213 university college students to finish an associative gaining knowledge of mission inside the lab. Before the pc mission, the topics have been suggested that they could be receiving both a terrible assessment or no terrible assessment on diverse self-attributes. Each scholar noticed attributes related to low intelligence paired with terrible assessment or attributes associated with acting fearful paired with terrible assessment. At every trial, the player noticed a query at the display screen that cited the self-characteristic they could be judged on (e.g. “Do I assume you appear like an idiotic individual?”), observed through a photo of an impartial facial expression. After this display screen, contributors rated how annoying they felt over the approaching assessment and the quantity that they predicted the assessment to be terrible. Then, a 3rd display screen seemed to reveal both a terrible assessment (e.g., “Yes, I assume you appear like an idiotic individual” and an indignant face) or no terrible assessment (e.g., “No, I do now no longer assume you appear like an idiotic individual” and an impartial face). It changed into determined that beginning from the 5th trial (out of 20 general trials), contributors confirmed expanded tension closer to whichever characteristic was paired with terrible assessment. Starting from the fourth trial, contributors confirmed extra expectancy that the reviews could be terrible for the attributes paired with terrible assessment. A series of various phrases have been used at some point of the trials, corresponding with the types of low intelligence (e.g., ignorant, brainless, foolish) and acting fearful (e.g., shaky, insecure, timid). Still, contributors confirmed expanded tension to phrases that fell beneath the characteristic class that changed into paired with terrible assessment. “It suggests that contributors discovered positive self-attributes have been related to terrible assessment with inside the shape of classical conditioning,” Fung instructed PsyPost. “Because each trial entails a one-of-a-kind word/adjective, those effects are possibly now no longer due to how those phrases appearance in the text, however, the summary means of the self-characteristic in the back of it.”

                 These findings may assist provide an explanation for how human beings broaden tension in the direction of social conditions they have not begun to experience. Studies recommend social tension includes a reminiscence community fashioned from social rejection and bad social relationships. Fung and his group say that self-attributes, despite the fact that abstract, appear like covered on this reminiscence community. “The speculation that faces/bodily traits of human beings are stimuli has something it can’t provide an explanation for,” Fung said. “People are socially nerve-racking in the direction of individuals who do now no longer appear like folks that negatively evaluated/rejected/bullied/criticized them inside the past. The new speculation we tested — self-attributes being a stimulus — can provide an explanation for it. For example, a boy can be negatively evaluated for being dull with the aid of using his parent, and while he is going on a primary date with a person he simply met, he may also experience nerve-racking due to the fact he's anticipated to be thrilling in that situation. It is critical to notice that the 2 hypotheses aren't collectively exclusive. So human beings can companion each face/bodily traits of human beings and self-attributes with bad evaluation.” The study, “Social tension and the purchase of tension in the direction of self-attributes”, changed into authored with the aid of using Klint Fung, Lynn E. Alden, and Chloe Sernasie.
Individuals with subclinical signs and symptoms display extraordinary neural mechanisms whilst looking ahead to destiny activities Affective forecasting, or prospection, is the capacity to assemble destiny activities mentally and "pre-enjoy" the occasion lengthy earlier than it happens. Impaired capacity to check the destiny performs a vital function inside the mental mechanisms of decreased capacity to enjoy the delight and decreased motivation to achieve rewards, i.e., a phenomenon of anhedonia and motivation normally discovered in sufferers with intellectual problems consisting of schizophrenia, autism, and primary depressive disorder. Empirical findings recommend that people with subclinical psychopathology, inclusive of excessive degrees of social anhedonia, might generate fewer unique activities, document fewer wonderful emotions, and much less shiny intellectual illustration than people with low stages of such tendencies. Dr. Raymond Chan and his crew from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have verified that people with excessive stage of social anhedonia do show off altered activation and cortico-striatal practical connectivity whilst they're envisioning wonderful destiny activities as compared to people with a low stage of social anhedonia. However, it's miles nonetheless doubtful whether or not people with different subclinical psychopathology might show off altered neural mechanisms of envisioning destiny. In order to cope with this issue, the researchers performed an examination to analyze the neural correlates for envisioning destiny activities and observe whether or not people with schizotypal tendencies, autistic tendencies, and subsyndrome depressive signs and symptoms might show off shared or awesome neural correlates of prospection. They recruited 34 people with autistic tendencies, 27 people with schizotypal tendencies, 31 people with depressive signs and symptoms, and 35 controls. All individuals finished a prospection assignment even as present process practical magnetic resonance imaging. The researchers located that people with autistic developments and people with schizotypal developments exhibited an intact behavioral overall performance on envisioning destiny activities. However, they did show off diffused neural changes in the course of envisioning destiny activities evaluating people with low degrees of unique developments. Such altered neural responses withinside the anterior cingulate cortex and frontal gyrus in people with autistic developments would possibly suggest that diffused neural modifications for looking ahead to fantastic and impartial destiny activities, at the same time as the altered neural responses in caudate in people with schizotypal developments would possibly suggest a "compensated" neural modifications for imagining fantastic feelings in the course of prospection. Taken together, those findings recommend people with special subclinical psychopathologies could show off specific alteration of neural reaction styles withinside the manner of prospection. These findings are in particular essential to manual us to formulate unique non-clinical intervention for prospection in medical instances of schizophrenia, autism, and fundamental depressive disorder.

Even when you practice Raja Yoga systematically, initially your mind will be pulled by the mundane thoughts of day-to-day activities. Don't be disturbed by them and at the same time don't linger on the details of that subject. for eg During meditation practice if thought about the next meeting comes to your mind don't think about the details of the meeting. No Sooner you recognize that there is an unwanted thought, gently and peacefully come back to the thoughts of meditation. Continue the practice of meditation with sincerity and interest. During the first few days of meditation practice, you may get several disturbing thoughts. Follow the mental filing system described in the chapter on Conquering Stress. During the practice of meditation, you will get absorbed in the pure thoughts and achieve some concentration. Even if you get absorbed for a second you will experience the content of positive thinking. For instance, if you get absorbed in the thought I Am A peaceful soul, my original nature is that of peace' you will experience tranquility and lightness. Every experience will enhance your level of absorption and concentration which will further bring deeper experience. This can be described as the virtuous circle in which the first positive step leads to the second positive step which in turn enhances the first positive step.

Every positive step during Raja Yoga practice brings transformation in one's life. For instance, if you are a short tempered person, as you experience peace of mind gradually you will become a more tolerant person. With regular practice of meditation the short-tempered personality can be completely transformed. Similarly many other weaknesses, undesirable, personalities and drawbacks can be completely transformed.

The Uniqueness of Raja Yoga practice is that every time you are able to generate different positive thoughts as per your objectives and experience the desired transformation. The earlier suggested sample of meditation is not a prayer, One can generate different types of positive thoughts and have a unique experience during every session of meditation. Because of this uniqueness of Raja Yoga one does not feel bored with the same repetitions daily. It also gives one an opportunity to become creative during Raja Yoga practice.

The one who follows the various steps of Raja Yoga systematically can finally achieve the ultimate objective of life that is PERFECTION. These findings might help explain how people develop anxiety toward social situations they have yet to experience. Studies suggest social anxiety involves a memory network formed from social rejection and poor social relationships. Fung and his team say that self-attributes, although abstract, appear to be included in this memory network.

“The hypothesis that faces/physical characteristics of people are stimuli has something it can’t explain,” Fung said. “People are socially anxious towards people who do not look like those who negatively evaluated/rejected/bullied/criticized them in the past. The new hypothesis we tested — self-attributes being a stimulus — can explain it. For example, a boy may be negatively evaluated for being boring by his parent, and when he goes on a first date with someone he just met, he may feel anxious because he is expected to be interesting in that situation. It is important to note that the two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive. So people can associate both faces/physical characteristics of people and self-attributes with negative evaluation.”

The study, “Social anxiety and the acquisition of anxiety towards self-attributes”, was authored by Klint Fung, Lynn E. Alden, and Chloe Sernasie.

Individuals with subclinical symptoms show different neural mechanisms when anticipating future events

Affective forecasting, or prospection, is the ability to construct future events mentally and "pre-experience" the event long before it happens. Impaired ability to envision the future plays an important role in the psychological mechanisms of reduced ability to experience pleasure and reduced motivation to obtain rewards, i.e., a phenomenon of anhedonia and motivation commonly observed in patients with mental disorders including schizophrenia, autism, and major depressive disorder.

Empirical findings suggest that individuals with subclinical psychopathologies, such as high levels of social anhedonia, would generate fewer specific events, report fewer positive emotions and less vivid mental representation than individuals with low levels of such traits.

Dr. Raymond Chan and his team from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have demonstrated that individuals with a high level of social anhedonia do exhibit altered activation and cortico-striatal functional connectivity when they are envisioning positive future events compared to individuals with a low level of social anhedonia. However, it is still unclear whether individuals with other subclinical psychopathology would exhibit altered neural mechanisms of envisioning the future.

In order to address this issue, the researchers conducted a study to investigate the neural correlates for envisioning future events and examine whether individuals with schizotypal traits, autistic traits and subsyndrome depressive symptoms would exhibit shared or distinct neural correlates of prospection.

They recruited 34 individuals with autistic traits, 27 individuals with schizotypal traits, 31 individuals with depressive symptoms, and 35 controls. All participants completed a prospection task while undergoing functional magnetic resonance imaging.