Stage (VII) Coming back with positive determinations

 This is the last stage during Yoga practice, in which we generate some positive thoughts which would help in performing future actions with purity and peace of mind. A pratitioner becomes once again aware of the physical body and the physical surrounding. Now I am gradually regaining the awareness of my physical body and the surrounding .. I will maintain the experience of peace and purity in my day to-day life.. I will also see others as peaceful and pure souls.. I will use my bodily organs as well as the mind, intellect and personality traits as my subordinates.. I will maintain the harmonious and tranquil state of mind…

Follow these seven steps of Raja Yoga practice, every time you sit for meditation. These are systematic steps hence spend sufficient time in each step. After some practice you will be able to pass each step quickly and achieve higher stage within a short time.

Stage VI (Narrating all feelings to Almighty)

 In this stage we express all our feelings and emotions to the Supreme and receive his guidance and suggestions. In this stage all hidden and sub-conscious emotions surface. This has a therapeutic effect, this is similar to the stage of catharsis described in the several methods of psychotherapy. Now I have experienced all relations from you Baba.. Although you know, yet I wish to tell you my complete story.

I wish to express all my feelings and emotions of day-to-day life... You guide me and give your advice according to the situations Now, if you are a beginner tell your complete story to the Supreme and as you practice daily, you can express day-to-day emotions to Him.. for seeking positive guidance.. In order to catch the inspirations of the Almighty go to the stage of perfect stillness.. and ask your question to the Almighty in a straight forward manner like talking to a friend the immediate inspirations that you receive can be followed in day-to-day life.. Don't keep any pre-conceived notions or preferences in order to receive clear messages from the Almighty.

Stage V( Re-establishing all relations with the Supreme

 Having experienced a deep sense of detachment and positive qualities of the Supreme, we further establish all relations with Him achieving unconditional love of all relations from Him. During this stage, the following positive thoughts are useful: In the stage of perfect silence, now I understand that this world infact is a drama, in which I am playing my role as an actor... my family members, friends and fellow human beings too are just playing their roles. These are only a temporary relationships... my perpetual and eternal relation is with God, the Supreme.. this incorporeal point of light and might is my divine Father.. He protects me.. and gives all His inheritance to me.. I feel proud to be His child. I will also put all my efforts to be like my divine father... He is also a loving spiritual mother... (in fact God, the Supreme, gives the love of Father and Mother both, we don't address our father by his name but lovingly address Him as Daddy aur Baba. From now onwards the incorporeal father is addressed as Baba.

As my divine mother, Baba takes all round care.. Baba looks after me and gives me unconditional love.. not for my any special qualities I possess but ... As a mother gives equal love to all children Supreme loves all His children... equally... Baba is also my spiritual teacher ... He reveals the history and geography of this huge world drama.. He has also given me the insight of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. His teachings have bestowed enormous clarity of mind. My visions of past, present and future has become so clear that I am able to take my further steps with full confidence...

The Almighty Baba is my preceptor... He liberates me from the bondage of actions and its reactions. He is my beloved friend.. and a companion... I am able to tell Him all my inner feelings... and by doing so I become light... Baba supports me during all circumstances... I feel so free in front of Him...

Step IV (Tuning the mind to Almighty)

 Once you generate the above mentioned positive thoughts leading to self-realisation, you will experience the feeling of lightness, tranquility and freedom from attraction towards the physical body. For experiencing this quickly and deeply, first of all churn these positive thoughts with conviction. Secondly, picturise them. When you think that I am a point of light also picturise a point of light or a shining star or a flame of light, whatever you prefer, in the centre of the forehead. Psychological studies have shown that what you see has 70% effect on your mind, what you hear has 25% and remaining 5 % comes from other senses like smell, taste etc. Hence when you generate pictures during meditation practice, it will have a much more profound effect. Thirdly, also feel the positive thoughts that you have generated. When you say that I am an eternal soul try to feel that you are a being completely different from the physical body and your existence is going to last forever. Body is a mortal instrument but you are an immortal being. When you think of yourself as a peaceful soul you will experience a sense of lightness and tranquility. Let go all your bodily muscles. Likewise, along with thinking also picturise all thoughts as well as feel accordingly.

Now during this fourth stage of Raja Yoga practice gently and naturally generate positive thoughts related to the various aspects of God-realization. The basic concept of realization is that he is an infinitesimal, point of conscient light and might. Although the form of the supreme is the smallest of small beings in the Universe, yet a minutes and powers are inversely proportional to his mom that means his attributes, qualities and powers are largest.of the large, highest of the high in the Universe. His form is perceived as a point of light. In geometry a point has no dimensions. The Supreme being is the divine mother, father of all souls. Hence, if you deeply analyse the fundamental teachings of all religions about God, it is similar. In the basic. teachings of all religions, the Supreme Is considered incorporeal und a being of light. We shall not go in further detailed analysis of the various dimensions of God realization because this is not the primary object of the book. Interested readers are advised to read other publications of Brahma Kumaris in which these dimensions are clarified extensively.

For the basic practice of Raja Yoga it would suffice to say that we can receive unconditional love of all relations from the Supreme. Yoga is not only a mental and intelectual communion with Almighty but during Raja Yoga practice we establish all relationship with Him. We remember the Almighty as our divine mother, father, a beloved friend spiritual teacher and highest preceptor. Following is a set of positive thoughts which can be used for tuning one's mind to the Supreme:

Having realised myself as an eternal point of divine light, now I turn my mind to the Supreme... with the help of my mind and intellect I see another brilliant point of light might in Shantidham ... Although the form of my beloved Father is the micro conscient point of divine light but His attributes are unlimited.. He is ocean at peace. I receive soothing and relaxing vibrations of peace from Him Like laser beam these divine rays fall on me. I am experiencing these peaceful vibrations and go deeper and deeper in this experience of peace... God, the Supreme is the ocean of bliss, being His child I am a blissful soul... As I become aware of this fact I feel light and relaxed.. mental relaxation is also spreading to physical body.. the vibration of relaxation in my hands as well as in other parts of the body is being felt... This experience of supersensuous joy is so pure that I feel detached from bodily organs and the whole mundane world... I feel totally satisfied with this experience of bliss... the Almighty is the ocean of purity too ... I am receiving the radiant vibrations of purity... The impurity of the soul is being washed away and thrown out of the body from the extremities. I am becoming clean and bright as the layers of the impurity are removed from the soul.. I am experiencing my original perfect stage of I realize this truth that I am a pure soul I start experiencing my original inner beauty... I am also regaining mental powers... I am the master of all my physical senses as well as mind, intellect and personality traits - my ministers... I receive the glow of the powerful vibrations from the Almighty who is the ocean of all powers. God, the Supreme being, my divine preceptor is inspiring me to use all these powers in my day-to-day activities... I feel confident that henceforth, all my actions will be divine, positive and pure.. I am experiencing the perfect stage of stillness, fulfillment and total satisfaction.

Step (III) Giving turn for self realisation

 Having completed these preliminary steps of self observation you are now ready to turn your thought to the road of self-realisation. Naturally and gently generate the thoughts of self-realisation. The basic concept is to be aware about the spark of metaphysical light in the centre of the forehead which is completely different than the physical body. This metaphysical point of light has three potentials namely mind, intellect and personality trait. Mind has the property to think. Thoughts whether good or bad, positive or negative, all originate from the mind. In response to various stimuli the mind responds according to past experiences and personality traits. Although adverse circumstances, one can generate positive thoughts yet past experiences and conditions can influence the mind or pull the mind in a particular direction. The intellect takes a final decision for particular action. The intellect is also influenced by past experiences and personality traits According to the decision the soul gives specific order for a particular action. Brain and bodily organs act as instruments of expression. Every action that you do leaves an impression When a particular action is repeated on the soul impressions become more and more stronger and later on influence the mind to think in a particular manner, the intellect to take particular decisions. Understanding this mechanism helps to understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You realise that your habits, conditions and personality traits are influencing your thoughts actions. You can transform your personality traits, if you consciously transform your thinking pattern and actions. Ones you generate positive thoughts and perform positive actions soon it will become part of your conscience and it will motivate, support and direct you to do more and more positive actions. You also understand that inspite of having particular conditioning you are free to think and decide in a positive direction.

The original nature of the soul is that of peace, love, bliss purity and power. Everyone in this world desires to have love, happiness and power. All our endeavours be conscious or unconscious, are directed to satisfy this urge of experiencing peace, happiness and to become powerful. It is a different question that we don't experience them permanently but when you put efforts of earning more money, acquiring better luxuries or doing some social activities the motive behind it in one or other way is to satisfy these basic desires This itself implies that the original nature of self is that of love, happiness and power. You're a loveful soul. You're a happy and blissful soul. The soul is full of power. Everyone also likes and appreciates peace and purity. This is due to the fact that the original property of the soul is that of peace and purity. You’re a peaceful and pure soul. The experience of many meditators is that when they become conscious about the true self as an eternal, immortal, indivisible, Imperishable, point of divine light, they experience peace of mind, lasting bliss and inner power. This common experience also implies that the original property of the soul is peace, love, bliss, When you go near fire automatically you experience heat and if one holds a piece of ice in hand they experience coolness. Similarly, when you put the efforts of self-realisation you will experience the original property of soul. The above mentioned basic concept of self realisation can be explained scientifically. Interested readers are requested to refer the book 'ETERNAL DRAMA OF SOUL MATTER AND GOD' - written by the chief spokesman of Brahma Kumaris B.K.Jagdish Chander and 'POSITIVE HEALTH'-script by the Author of this book. Now having understood this basic concept, you can practice the following sample of Meditation: teach myself from the physical environment... I also detach myself from the physical body .... I become aware about my original self- a point of divine light in the centre of the forehead.. As I become aware about my true self I feel light and peaceful... I am the master of all my physical senses I use this physical body as an instrument .... I am going beyond the influence of the physical senses... I am feeling deeply relaxed... I am able to direct my mind in a desired direction.... I am also able to take positive decisions... This body is like a car and I am the conscious driver within... The body is like a robot and I the soul am like a programmer...

My original nature itself is that of peace. I am a peaceful soul... I am an embodiment of peace... As I become aware of this fact, I experience a deep sense of tranquility and satisfaction... I am a loving soul.. I give unconditional and pure love to every one, I am full of happiness.... There is a treasure of happiness and peace within ... I experience a perpetual state of happiness and bliss, because of the true awareness of the self... I am going beyond the physical attraction of the body. I am experiencing the deep stage of purity which is my original nature... The experience of real happiness makes me naturally pure.. I am also achieving control over my physical senses.. I have gained enough power to direct my mind and intellect in a positive direction and perform positive and pure actions... I am a peaceful soul full of inner mental powers..."

Step II (self observation)

  Raja Yoga can be used for the treatment of many specific diseases holistically. Regarding yoga practice many people have several misconceptions. One fundamental misconception is the notion that during yoga practice we should make our mind blank. It is a wrong notion because initially it is not possible to make our mind blank and secondly it's not the objective of yoga practice. As a beginner if you sit for practicing yoga and aim to make your mind blank you will find that at that particular point all unnecessary and unwanted thoughts will disturb you. Even such thoughts which do not distract your mind in normal day-to-day work will disturb you when you specifically intend not to think about them. This is a psychological phenomenon. When you tell a child not to handle something or visit a particular place or read a particular book, the child will become anxious and curious to handle that particular thing, visit the prohibited place and read the book.

You might have heard the story of the guru and his disciple. On completing the various lessons on spiritual study, the guru told his disciple to practice meditation and advised him not to think about a monkey while practice meditation. After sometime when the guru inquired about the experience of meditation practice, the disciple said, "Guruji, although you advised me not to think about monkey, all the while I was thinking about a monkey nothing else." Exactly this is what happens when you aim to prohibit all thoughts during meditation practice. Infact, the fundamental property of mind is to think. During meditation practice, we channel this faculty of mind in the proper direction. Before you sit for meditation your mind is specific road where your final destiny is worldly goals and objectives. During the 15-20 minutes of meditation practice you want to give tum to your mental thoughts on the road where the final objectives and goals are that of spiritual experiences. When you are driving a car if you want to give turn first of all you will reduce the speed of your car by applying a brake or putting it in a lower gear. Similarly, during Raja Yoga practice the very first step is to reduce the speed of your thought processes. It is said that mind is like a naughty child. If you order a mischievious child to stop all mischief most probably the child will not listen. Instead if you start watching the mischievious child continuously no sooner the child realises that someone senior is watching me he will stop his mischief and sit quietly The same technique can be used to reduce the speed of thought processes. In the beginning of meditation for few seconds observe your own thoughts. Just watch your mind like a second person. When you do this self observation invariably you will find that the speed of thinking reduces.

Step I ( Preliminary Preparations)

 Before performing minor or major surgery it is essential for the surgeon to prepare himself. Without the basic preliminary preparation successful operation is not possible. Similarly, for a deep and lasting experience of Raja Yoga, some basic preliminary preparations are essential. One needs two types of preparations, namely:-physical preparations and mental preparations.

Physical Preparations

Don't practice meditation when you are physically tired. Asa beginner meditation practice in a distracting environment also won't be successful. Select a place which is at least free from noise and other distractions. If the room is illuminated with red light, it will have a positive effect. Research studies have shown that, dark red light has same adverse effect on one's mind but the light red atmosphere that is pink colour has the tranquilizing effect on one's mind. The red tube which is usually seen at Raja Yoga Centres in fact, creates a pink atmosphere leading to positive effects,


The aim of Raja Yoga is to become a Karmayogi which means to remain in the meditative mood even while doing day to day actions. Yet for a deep experience of meditation, special practice, twice a day for 20 to 25 minutes is essential. During such periods of meditation practice it is not necessary to sit in a difficult posture. You can practice Raja Yoga in any easy posture. From anatomical and physiological angles it is advisable to keep one's back straight. Keep upper extremity in semiflexion and all bodily muscles in as much relaxation as possible. For this health promoting position sit cross legged, keep your hands in your lap, stretch your back to a maximum straight position and then slightly let go, automatically your back will take up the natural curves. You can comfortably sit in this position for 20 to 25 minutes. Every time when you practice meditation always sit in this comfortable position This has a significant advantage because your body and mind will be conditioned to attain the higher stage of meditation in this particular position. After some days as soon as you sit down for meditation your brain will start receiving positive messages and signals and very soon you will be able to go deeper and deeper in the experience of Raja Yoga.

The uniqueness of Raja Yoga is that the practitioner keeps his eyes naturally open. An unexprienced meditator may think that open eyes leads to distractions. One may argue that it is difficult to detach oneself from those visible scenes. On a superficial level this argument is true but the deep analysis would reveal that closed eyes are more distracting. When you close your eyes your sub-conscious mind will come to the surface and your mind will be pulled by the large number of subconscious memories. Your distractions will have no limits. Your mind may jump from subject to another. Secondly when you practice meditation with closed eyes, the possibility to go to sleep increases. Although this is not a positive advantage but the point is worth considering. Thirdly, our object of practicing meditation is to become a karmayogi. We intend to maintain the stage of meditation even during day-to-day activities. If you are conditioned to practice meditation with closed eyes, you won't be able to maintain the same stage during the physical activities, when you need to keep your eyes open. Therefore it is sensible to attain the stage of meditation with pen eyes, Once you are conditioned in few days you will at least be able to partially attain the same level of consciousness while doing the routine activities. You would agree that during several activities we don't apply your mind consciously, because we have repeated those activities for a long time. Fourthly, experience of peace and self-transformation is not the only object of meditation. The higher object is to help the society which would include human being, animals and the environment. Research done in the field of subtle energies and auras have shown that through certain parts we transmit maximum vibrations in the atmosphere. Palms of the hand and soles of the feet are shown to be the good media of transmitting these vibrations. Perhaps this is the scientific reason of touching the feet of elders in order to receive their blessings. The best medium of spreading positive vibrations are eyes. To a greater extent you can perceive the state of mind of the person from his eyes. Even a child is able to perceive the mood of mother from her eyes. The open eye meditation has the profound benefit of making the surrounding atmosphere peaceful and pure. Having understood all these four points do the experiment of open eye meditation for a few months and experience the benefits yourself.


Meditation can be practiced at any time when one is free yet the early morning and the evening time around sunset the surrounding atmosphere itself facilitates the meditation practice. Therefore, if you can adjust your schedule prefer these specific times.


  Raja Yoga is a powerful tool for holistic healing.  Raja Yoga practice has positive influence on the whole existence of human being. It harmonises the physiological system as a whole as well as transforms all spheres of human existence that is physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, occupational - social and spiritual. Raja Yoga therapy is truly a holistic treatment as it heals the governing mechanisms and the controller of the whole person. Raja Yoga also transform ones life style and relieves emotional and mental conflicts as well as brings lasting peace and satisfaction in one's life. Raja Yoga is not only an intellectual method but its a way of living

One of the basic rules of holistic health care is healing takes place from within. Raja Yoga also heals a person from within. Raja Yoga practice transforms the biochemistry of brain inturn having a harmonising effect on whole organism. It is said that holistic healing is self initiated. Raja Yoga is also a self initiated technique in which healing takes place as a result of activation of health promoting physiological and biochemical processes. During Raja Yoga practice the person also re-establishes the harmony with other human beings, his environment and the universal life energy. Raja Yoga practice potentiates the length, breadth and depth of human existence. Raja Yoga practice is not a retreat from personal, social and professional responsibility but it's an art of fulfilling those responsibilities in a balanced way and achieving the goal of holistic self-development-physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual

Yoga is a sanskrit word derived from another sanskrit word "Uhja" which literally means link, connection or communication In spiritual terminology yoga means communion of the self with the Supreme being. Once this communion is established the practitioner receives positive

vibrations of tranquility, bliss, purity, mercy, etc. from the Supreme Soul. It is a well known fact that when a tuning fork' is vibrating, if you bring another tuning fork close to it, the second one also starts vibrating with same frequency. God, the Supreme, always vibrates with the frequency of peace, bliss, purity, power and all other positive qualities. During yoga practice one just tunes one's mind to the supreme. In other words one just takes his consciousness near the Almighty and no sooner does this happen then the practitioner's mind also picks up those positive harmonising health promoting frequencies.

The mechanism of yoga practice can be explained with the help of another example: Different radio stations are broadcasting their programmes on specific wave lengths. When we adjust your radio on a specific wave length it will pick up those particular programme. During yoga practice one simply tunes ones mind to the wavelength of the Supreme Soul and in turn receives all those positive vibrations.

The therapeutic and healing effects of Raj Yoga can be understood by understanding the following steps of Raj Yoga practice.

Practice Meditation for some time daily

 Meditation practice brings relaxation response and prepares our mind for positive actions. Psychophysiological changes that occur during meditation also helps in relieving stress. When you meditate everyday  you may reduce your overall anxiety.. "When you meditateyou are better able to ignore the negative sensations of stress and anxiety,

    Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces stressStress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.
  • Controls anxiety. 
  • Promotes emotional health. 
  • Enhances self-awareness. 
  • Lengthens attention span. 
  • May reduce age-related memory loss. 
  • Can generate kindness. 
  • May help fight addictions.

When you face problems think that the debt of your past actions is settled:

 As you sow, so shall you reap. We get equal returns of every action of our life. If our actions are positive we get positive returns and if our actions are negative we get negative returns. For some of our actions, we may receive immediate feedback. Whereas for other types of actions we may get the feedback after a long time. For our undesirable and negative actions of the past we may be paying the dues now. Hence during difficult circumstance if we think we are repaying our dues, we will not feel disturbed. Suppose if you have borrowed Rs.15,000/- from someone and repay Rs.5000/-every month. Although you have to cut down your expenses and you have to forgot some of the luxury, yet you feel happy about it because you know that your dues are getting settled. If you think along these lines when you face some problems in your life you will be able to maintain the stability of mind.

Observe thought patterns for few minutes daily

 In this era of jet race our life has become so fast that we hardly have some time to observe our own thought patterns. For relieving stress, spend sometime and just observe your own thought processes. Specially when you have negative emotions, do observe your thoughts. When you do self observation, you are able to understand yourself better. On several occasions you will find that although externally you may think of something else but the actual internal desire is completely different. For example, when you become angry with someone externally you may think anger may make the other person do a proper job but infact the reason for your anger was your won frustrations. If you do self analysis you will be able to identify such minute real cause of your negative emotions and will be able to put efforts to erase them. Surrender your worries to the Almighty. If you are carrying two bags of luggage and if you meet a friend who offers to help you by picking up a bag, you will certainly fee relieved. In the present era when everyone is carrying a lot of mental burden, God, the Supreme is certainly a genuine friend who offers to share your burden. Instead of carrying, these bags of worries, anxiety, fears, insecurities and so on it is wiser to take support from the Supreme who is always ready to offer it. Faith in the God brings mental support and inner power to face adverse circumstances.

Put efforts of giving up subtle ego. How to overcome ego?

 Here the meaning of ego is not same as in term of psychoanalysis. By ego I mean self-centeredness, the sense of false pride or arrogance. One should certainly have self respect or self esteem but this false sense of pride even at a subtle level can increase expectations leading to tension. Brahma Kumari Janki Dadi, the Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University who produced the most coherent brain waves not only in meditation but even in various states of consciousness was asked to explain the secret of her unusual stability of mind. She explained : When I learnt meditation, very soon I was able to overcome the gross form of ego. I experienced that I am a soul completely different than the physical body. subsequently, as I started teaching meditation to others a subtle ego developed in me that I am a Raja Yoga teacher. This subtle form of ego also disturbed me. I started having several subtle expectations from others. I realized I must overcome this subtle ego. With some spiritual efforts I was able to completely overcome this ego and since then my mind remains in the state of perfect tranquility. Nothing disturbs me' .

If you do introspection you will find that all of us have the gross ego to some extent and if we overcome this gross ego we certainly have the subtle ego which brings ups and downs in our mental life. Like Janki Dadi all of us should make efforts of breaking the subtle ego.

Here are some ways to overcome ego:

Avoid regret and pride

Do not feel sorry for anything you discover about yourself. If you feel sorry for your deficiencies, it also means you will feel proud of your good qualities. Both ways it just reinforces ego. Be grateful for what life or God gives you and aspire to be better.

Take the other's point of view

Recognize that the opposite point of view is also true. Every point of view has a truth in it. Learn to recognize the truth in the viewpoint of others. Learn to take their point of view and fully appreciate it. Truth is never a question of right versus wrong. Truth reconciles opposing views at a higher level - not by compromising but by seeing the greater truth of which opposing viewpoints are both parts. When you take a genuine effort to recognize the truth in another's point of view, you come out of ego and stop defending or asserting your own ego's position. In most cases, the other person immediately becomes much more open minded and reasonable. For more on this see Taking other's point of view.

Focus on the effort — not the outcome. With any creative endeavor at some point what we made leaves our hands. We need to remember famous coach John Wooden’s advice: “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” Doing your best is what matters. Focus on that. External rewards are just extra.

Don’t be deceived by recognition, money and success — stay sober. Success, money and power can intoxicate. What is required in those moments is sobriety and a refusal to indulge. One look at Angela Merkel, one of the most powerful women on the planet is revealing. She is plain and modest — one writer said that unpretentiousness is Merkel’s main weapon — unlike most world leaders intoxicated with position. Leave self-absorption and obsessing over one’s image for the egotists.

Accept all your mistakes:

A great way to work on all your ego problems is by accepting your mistakes. Do know that everyone at certain times goes wrong and it is very natural to commit a mistake. But being stubborn and selfish about it is not a good thing.

It does not matter if you are a parent or a teacher or the boss, you should be humble enough to admit where you have gone wrong. Go and apologize to the person. It will feel light and stop your false ego from controlling your life.

Be thankful for the little things you have:

Imagine that your university results are out and you’ve topped the class. Obviously, you will be credited greatly for studying and working hard etc. But also remember that there is someone else who is equally as hard-working as you are but is not standing in your position.

If you begin to think of things in this way, chances are you will have better control ego and balance your emotions at the same time.

So be thankful for all the things that you have in life even if its something very simple. Once you begin to become a humble person, you will also give more way for your ego to melt.

Thanks for reading , if you have any suggestion then give me in comment.

Substitute the thoughts of revenge by Self-Transformation

 Thoughts of revenge are also equally harmful. They increase your anxiety and anger. Thoughts of revenge in no way harm the other person, they only disturb your mind and body. Rather than thinking about revenge put efforts of self transformation, to whatever extent you transform yourself its going to benefit you. No sooner you get the thoughts of revenge immediately tell yourself: 'such thoughts are not going to help me in anyway infact let me find out my weaknesses and put efforts of self transformation'.

Don't feel jealous but do contemplation

 It is said that pyre burns a dead body but jealousy burns a living one. Jealousy has a tremendous negative effect on our physiological processes as well as the mental apparatus. When you feel jealous of others you are destroying yourself and in no way is the other person affected. In order to overcome this self destroying habit of jealousy as soon as you recognize the thought of jealousy immediately tell yourself: 'such thoughts are not at all beneficial to me instead I should spend time in positive contemplation about my true self about God, the Supreme and my relation with him'. Such positive contemplation will help me in overcoming my problem. You may also find out the cause of your jealousy. You may feel jealous of your colleague who got a promotion. Instead of feeling jealous think: 'I will improve my ability so that in the future I too shall get a promotion'. This type of positive approach helps in minimizing jealousy and will inspire you for positive actions.

You are a Guest in this World

 when you are at home you expect all comforts but when you go to some other place as a guest even if you have to bear me discomfort and difficulty you don't bother about it because you know that you are just a guest. In day-to-day life too if you consider yourself as a guest in this huge world you will happily face the problems and difficulties. When you consider yourself a guest firstly, you know this is a temporary phase which is not going to last for long. Secondly, you also don't accept many things from others because you know this is not your own home. Thirdly, you also don't become demanding as you do at your home. Similarly, if you remember all these three points in your day-to-day life you will remember that problems are not long lasting. You will so minimize your expectations and not have a demanding nature. When you go somewhere as a guest you are eager to go back to your original place. As a human being when we are guest in this world we become eager to go to our original place which is not the mundane universe but a world of tranquil life.

The soul world is a metaphysical world which is described in different terms in various religions. The soul world is described as Paramdham, Brahmalok, Shantidham, Satva Asman and so on. This is the original abode where souls resides in their original state. In the soul world there are no actions, there are no words as well as no thoughts. The soul resides in perfect stillness in this original home. While being a guest in this huge world do remember your original home for experiencing stillness and tranquility.

You are an actor in this huge world drama

 The previous twelve points are well known in psychology. I have only put them together so that you may benefit from their use in stressful circumstances. Now I wish to tell you some points which are related to spiritual knowledge and the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. I have found these points to be extremely useful in managing tensions.

When you feel a sense of attachment to any of life's situation you become tense and uncomfortable. The primary teaching of spirituality that you are an actor in this huge world drama is of tremendous value in leading your life with detachment and happiness.

Stage actors play various type of roles which are connected with tragedy, unhappiness, suffering and so on. But they never forget that they are just playing the role. In real life, they are well off and completely different from this role. They are not attached to their specific roles at all. Similarly when you realize and understand that you are a metaphysical spark of light energy who has adorned body as a costume for playing the specific role allotted to you. You just need to play your role in the best possible manner. The problems which you are facing are just a part of your acting. In reality you are a peaceful, relaxed and happy being.

When a super star plays a role of a beggar or a coolie he in no way feels accordingly because the consciousness is always that I am a super star. In a similar manner while you are facing problems remember that originally you are a peaceful soul.

An actor always acts as per the direction and desire of the director. God, the Supreme, is the director of this huge world drama. Perform your actions according to the directions and the commandments of the Supreme. While playing a role, the actor also knows that I am playing this role for a short while. This mental attitude will also help you hence tell yourself: "I am just playing my role for a while."

Time is the best healer

One should positively put efforts easing difficult situations in life. Try to solve your problems with mental ease and positive spirit. In certain situations of life inspite of putting all efforts you may not be able to solve the problem In such circumstances rather than continuously feeling disturbed just try to divert your mind on some more productive thinking or involve yourself in some useful activity. It is a common observation that as time passes we do not recall a particular event often and in turn don't perceive the tension associated with it. Understand this simple law and just stop worrying and start doing some productive activity. Here another law also comes into action that you perceive stress only when you repeat a particular event several times. If you can cut off the vicious circle you will also be able to free yourself from unnecessary tension.


Use laughter as an antidote to stress

 When you laugh you tend to throw away some of your remorseful and unhappy memories. Laughter acts as an antidote to many hidden and suppressed negative feelings conflicts, insecurities etc. In his book, 'Will to be Well-The Real Alternative Medicine', Neville Hodgkinson described the story of Norman Cousins who suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis which affects vertebral column extreme type of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Here is the way in which Cousins used laughter as medicine:-

With his adrenal gland exhausted after an intensely frustrating and demanding visit to the Soviet Union as Chairman of the American delegation considering problems of cultural exchange. (Cousins) was immobilized by an illness in which the connective tissue - collagen in many parts of his body began to become unstuck At the low point of his illness, Cousins jaws were almost locked. He had difficulty in moving his limbs and even turning over in bed. One specialist declared he had only one chance in 500 of making a full recovery. But he rejected that verdict, and with the cooperation of his own physician, set about restoring his City's capacity to halt the continuing breakdown of connective issue. He moved from hospital where he had been subjected to seemingly endless tests, to a hotel room, which was some what more conducive to a positive outlook on life. He stopped taking the pain killers and other drugs prescribed at the hospital and put in that place a systematic programme for making himself laugh .Old Marx brothers films, Candid Cameras, recordings and lumirous books. He also received large blood infusions of Vitamin C. Laughter helped Cousins completely recover,

As this example implies laughter can have therapeutic effects. Whenever appropriate, do laugh, you may also spend sometime reading jokes and comics which make you laugh. Don't resist laughter. Don't think that if you burst out with big laughter others will consider you childish. Without laughter life will become dull and boring. Laughter can bring instantaneous release of stress.

Spend sometime in helping others

 Everyone considers ones problems and tensions to be of highest magnitudes. We tend to think that we are the most unfortunate person in the world. This happens because you think only about yourself. Rather, if you spare some time and listen to others problems very soon you will change your opinion. You will find that many other persons are far more less privileged and unfortunate than you. These days people are engrossed with their own life that nobody is ready to listen to others problem. When you listen to the difficulties of others you give them mental relief and you yourself will be benefited in transforming your beliefs. When you help others you not only help that person but infact you help yourself

Forgive your enemies in order to forget them

 When someone has misbehaved with you or posted hurdles in your life you think over such incidents and persons with distaste and become angry and disturbed. This is also a type of stress which is harmful to your health. For relieving this type of stress, the easiest and the best way is to forgive the concerned person in order to forget the unpleasant events. I have advised many people to follow this principle but most frequently they say that this is not possible. I advice them to practice forgiveness for their own benefit. When you forgive someone you yourself are benefited. Apart from a virtue, to forgive others, is also an art. Mentally we need to follow this art and master it for conquering stress. Early morning and before going to sleep, sincerely tell yourself that I forgive all those persons who have troubled me and put me in difficult circumstances. If you do this you will be able to forget the events and reduce the tension that accompanies such memories.