Use of specific words for certain places. Synonyms . List of Words to Describe Places

 Go through the following lists carefully

A. Places to live in:
  1. Convict: Prison
  1. King: Palace
  1. Lunatic: Asylum
  1. Monk: Monastery
  1. Nun: Convent, Nunnery
  1. Soldier: Barracks, Quarters
  1. Bee: Hive
  1. Bird : Nest
  1. Cow: Shed
  1. Dog: Kennel
  1. Fowl: Coop
  1. Horse: Stable
  1. Lion : Den
  1. Mouse: Hole
  1. Owl: Barn or Tree
  1. Pigeon: Dove-cote
  1. Rabbit: Burrow
  1. Sheep: Pen
  1. Spider: Web
  1. Tiger: Lair
  1. Priest: Presbetory
  1. Red Indian: Wig wam
  1. Eskimo: Igloo
  1. swiss: Chalet
  1. Arab : Dowar

B. Specific words for certain places;

  1. Wine is made in a : Brewery
  2. Wine is kept in a : Cellar
  3. Bread is made in a : Bakery
  4. Films are made in a : Studio
  5. Goods are made in a : Mint
  6. Leather is made in a : Factory
  7. Coins are made in a : Mint
  8. Ships are made in a : Dockyard
  9. Airplanes are kept in a : Hangar
  10. Bees are kept in an : Apiary
  11. Birds are kept in a : cage, an aviary
  12. Birds and animals are kept in a : Zoo
  13. Clothes are kept in a : wardrobe, closet
  14. Fishes are kept in an: Aquarium
  15. Curious are kept in a: Museum
  16. Luggage at a railway station is kept in a: Cloak room
  17. Motor cars are kept in a : Garage
  18. Weapons are kept in an : Arsenal, Armory
  19. Ships are kept in a : Harbor
  20. Archives are kept in a : Government building

C. Group  Terms:
  1. An army/troop of soldiers.
  2. An assembly of people.
  3. A ball of cotton or wool.
  4. A band/choir of singers.
  5. A bevy of girls.
  6. A board of trustees or directors.
  7. A bunch of grapes, keys.
  8. A bundle of sticks, hay.
  9. A caravan of merchants, pilgrims, travelers.
  10. A century of years.
  11. A chain/range of mountains.
  12. A catch/haul/shoal of fish.
  13. A muster of peacocks.
  14. A class of students, persons.
  15. A cloud of locusts.
  16. A clump or groove of trees.
  17. A cluster of stars, grapes, islands.
  18. A code of laws.
  19. A collection of stamps, coins.
  20. A company of soldiers, merchants.
  21. A congregation of worshippers.
  22. A consignment of goods.
  23. A constellation of stars.
  24. A course of lectures.
  25. A crew of sailors.
  26. A throng of people.
  27. A drove of cattle
  28. A faggot of sticks.
  29. A fleet of sheep.
  30. A galaxy of stars.
  31. A gang of robbers, thieves, prisoners, workmen.
  32. A garland of flowers.
  33. A group of persons, islands.
  34. A herd of cattle, deer, goats.
  35. A hive of bees.
  36. A litter of pigs, pups, rubbish.
  37. A multitude of people.
  38. A mob/ troop/court of kangaroo
  39. A pack of hounds, playing cards, wolves, cigarettes, bread.
  40. A pair of shoes.
  41. A pair of bells.
  42. A posse of policemen.
  43. A regiment of soldiers.
  44. A series of lectures.
  45. A sheaf of arrows.
  46. A shower of rain, arrows.
  47. A stock of hay.
  48. A stock of goods.
  49. A string of camels.
  50. A suite of clothes.
  51. A suite of rooms.
  52. A swarm of flies, bees, ants.
  53. A team of players, oxen, horses.
  54. A train of wagons, followers.
  55. A troop of scouts, horsemen, monkeys.
  56. A tribe of natives.
  57. A troop of dancers.
  58. A tuft of grass, hair.
  59. A volley of shots, bullets, stones, arrows, abuse.
  60. A yoke of oxen.
  61. A wreath of flowers.
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