Names of Animals and their Babies . Animals and Their Young Ones. Special Names: Baby Animals

               Names of Animals and their Babies. 

Cat : Kitten
Cow: Calf
Deer: Fawn
Dog: Puppy
Duck: Duckling
Fish: Minnow
Frog: Tadpole
Goat: Kid
Goose: Gosling
Hare: Leveret
Horse: Colt, Filly, Foal
Hen: Chicken
Peacock: Pea chicken
Sheep: Lamb
Swan: Signet
Elephant: Foal
Camel: Foal
Bear, Fox, lion, and wolf: Cub
Aardvark: Calf, Cub
Alligator: Hatchling
Alpaca: Cria
Antelope: Calf
Ape: Baby
Baboon: Infant
Badger: Kit, Cub
Bat: Pup
Bear: Cub
Beaver: Pup, Kit
Bee: Larva
Bison, Buffalo: Calf
Butterfly: Caterpillar, Larva, Pupa, Chrysalis
Camel: Calf
Caribou: Calf, Fawn
Cheetah: Cub
Cockroach: Nymph
Codfish: Codling, Hake, Sprat
Bird: Hatchling
Crocodile: Hatchling
Deer: Fawn
Dolphin: Calf
Donkey: Foal
Eagle: Eaglet
Fish: Fry
Fox: Kit
Giraffe: Calf
Gorilla: Infant
Hedgehog: Piglet
Koala: Joey
Monkey: Infant
Mouse: Pinkey
Owl: Owlet
Oyster: Spat
Panda: Cub
Rabbit: Bunny
Rat: Pup
Snake: Snakelet
Spider: Spiderling
Penguin: Chick
Kangaroo: Joey
Koala: Joey
Opossum: Joey
Wallaby: Joey
Wombat: Joey
Pigeon: Squab, Squeakers
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