Animal Sounds: A Visual Guide to the Sounds of Animals. Animals Name And Their Sound. list of animals sound

 Animal Sounds: A Visual Guide to the Sounds of Animals

When speaking or listening in English, you will very certainly hear some animal sounds. Animals produce the same sound all around the world, but different languages have different ways of expressing and spelling those sounds.

    A word of onomatopoeia is a term that sounds exactly like the noise it describes, and animal sounds come into this category. We'll look at the different animal noises and how they're written down. We'll also look at how these words fit together in a sentence and go over a thorough list of animal noises.

      Animal Sounds Compilation

We'll now look at a full list of animal sounds, with each one spelled out and the animal it belongs to mentioned alongside it.

  • Apes: Gibber
  • Asses: Bray
  • Bears: Growl
  • Bees: Hum, done, buzz
  • Birds: sing, warble, chirp, twitter
  • Bulls: Bellow
  • Cattle: Bleat
  • Camels: Grunt
  • Cats: Mew, purr
  • Cocks: Crow
  • Crows: Caw
  • Calves: Bleat
  • Cows: Low
  • Dogs: Bark, Yelp
  • Goats/Sheep: Whine, bleat
  • Doves: Coo
  • Ducks: Quack
  • Elephants: Trumpet
  • Eagles: Scream
  • Wolves: Yell, howl
  • Flies: Buzz
  • Frogs: Croak
  • Geese: Cackle
  • Crickets: Chirp
  • Hens: Cluck
  • horses: Neigh, snort
  • hyenas: Laugh
  • jackals: Howl
  • Lions: Roar
  • Mice: Squeak
  • Monkeys: Chatter
  • Nightingales: Warble
  • Owls: Hot
  • Pigeons: Coo
  • Pigs: Grunt
  • Puppies: Yelp
  • Serpents: Hiss
  • Sheep: Bleat
  • Squirrels: Squeak
  • Tigers: Roar
  • Turkeys: Gobble

  1. Beating of drums.
  2. Blowing of bugles or trumpets.
  3. Banging of doors, guns.
  4. Clatter of weapons or hoofs.
  5. Clank of chains or steel.
  6. Chattering of teeth.
  7. Clapping of hands.
  8. Flapping of wings.
  9. Jingling of coins.
  10. Lisping of babies.
  11. Moaning of people in agony.
  12. Mutter of old or discontented persons.
  13. Ratting of wheels.
  14. Ringing of bells.
  15. Roaring of lions, guns.
  16. Rustling of leaves.
  17. Thud of falling things.
  18. Thundering of clouds.
  19. Tinkling of bells.
  20. Whistling of engines.
  21. whining of a sickly child.
  22. Creaking of shoes, doors.
  23. Rippling of water.
  24. Pattering of rain.
  25. Blare of trumpets.
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