The Five R Techniques of Writing Precis

 The stages / procedures here are techniques of writing precis. The five R's stand for Read, Reduce, Record, Review, and Rewrite.

  1. Read: It is the first stage. We have to read the given passage thoroughly in order to understand it clearly and properly. We have to read the passage three or four times intensively depending upon the complexity of the passage and the time limit.
  2. Reduce: It  is the second stage. In this stage, we have to note down all the important and relevant points or details, but less important or unimportant ones and irrelevancies should be left. We must take down all the points from the original passage, but we cannot add our own opinion.
  3. Record: It is the third stage. This is the  stage of writing or preparing the draft  of yhe precis from the notes made in the stage of  'Reduce', i.e. second stage. We have to try to use our own words. It is better not to copy the direct phrase or sentence from yhe original passsage , but it is not forbidden.We should write the draft in the proper order, or coherence is to be maintained while writing the draft of the precis.
  4. Review: This is the  fourth stage. In this stage, we have to read the draft recorded or prepared in the third stage intensively. A precis writer is  supposed to check the following aspects in this stage:
  • Check the important points; if left, include them.
  • Check the points borrowed from outside; if included, remove them.
  • Check the coherence; properly introduced or not; if not, maintain it.
  • Check grammatical and lexical mistakes; if any, correct them
  • Count the words. 
  • Check the sense of the draft comparing to the original  text.
      5  Rewrite: It is the fifth or last stage. In this stage, the final form of the precis is written neatly and clearly from the corrected draft. The final form of  the summary is to be one third of the original text.

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