Difference and Similarity between Precis and Summary

 Precis writing and summary writing are used synonymously but some  minor differnces can be found. A similar differences exists, in theory at least, between a precis and a summary. The latter, for instance, doesnot have to confirm to definite rules; it enjoys comparative freedom. It includes all the ideas, important as well as  unimportant, often uses the language of the original, and may be divided into paragraphs. A precis, on the other hand, concerns itself only with essential ideas, is written in the writer's own language, and must be in the form of one continuous passage. But the distinction, as we have earlier noted, is merely academic. For all practical purpose, the two terms may be regarded as identical, for the word summary has now widely replaced the older term precis.

   Similarity between Precis Writing and Summary writing

      As  'precis' and 'summary' are often treated synonymously, there  are overt similarities between precis writing and summary writing. Both follow 5R technique. They are briefly discussed below:

Structural Similarity: 

  • They are normally prepared in one third of the original text.
  • They are normally prepared in the same order how the original text develops.
  • Both are short forms and re-statement of the original text.
  • They are prepared in full and formal sentences.
Substantial or Factual Similarity

Both include the important points of the original text.

Additional points cannot be added in both.

Functional Similarity

Both provide the most important points as the gist of the original text.

Both facilitate the readers to get the main idea of the text.

Both help the reader to read larger texts in a short period of time.

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