Letters to the Editor

 The letters written addressing to the editor of a newspaper or magazine or any publication are called the letters to the editor but the main aim of these letters is to inform, convince or persuade the readers or concerning people or factors, These letters contain factual information about concrete facts. These letters should be clear and to the point. Normally these letters are official letters or formal letters.

Look at the following examples and try to generalize how to write them:

1. Model - 1



2nd May, 1995

The Editor,

The Rising Nepal,


Dear Sir,

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities of the for department of the government about the destruction of the forest in Dhankuta district.

As we people of Dhankuta have realized, the district for office of Dhankuta has not been informed about the destruction of the forest. In most of the V.D.C.'s the jungle is being rapidly, cleared for various purposes because most of V.D.C. people are not well educated. Furthermore, some wood sellers are selling the firewood and building materials illegally as their prime motive is to collect a large amount of money overnight.

The concerning department and respective officials should make a concrete plan to stop destruction of the forest as soon a possible

Yours sincerely,

Bidur Rai

2. Model -2



3rd May, 1995.

The Editor,

The Kathmandu Post,


Dear Sir,

I would be grateful if you would allow a little space in you widely circulated and popular newspaper in order to draw the attention of the general public as well as the concerning authority of the government to the problem of quality education.

Well skilled educated manpower should be regarded as the backbone of the development. Regarding our country, technical education has not been given importance. The people who live in the rural regions cannot understand the importance of technical education. They must be convinced to send their children to the technical institutions. On the other hand, our country is facing with problems caused by the general educated manpower. The government should open appropriate technical institutes all over the country.

I hope the concerning authority will make apt steps immediately.

Sincerely yours,


Rita Rai

3. Model -3

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) about the difficulties faced by the international tourists who visit Nepal in large numbers.

Firstly, there is no system of regular announcements about the arrival and departure of various flights. Even electronic notice boards which indicate the position of flights are absent. This drawback needs to be corrected without delay. Electronic notice boards mentioning the position of flights should be placed at various places even outside for the benefit of the passengers and for those who come to receive them.

Secondly, the security check up for boarding is only at one place and all the passengers going in different directions have to stand in the same queue. This makes the queue too long and one is not sure which flight security clearance is taking place. There is neither any signboard nor any announcement near the area. Everyone is confused. The plight of senior citizens, who cannot stand in the line for too long, can only be imagined. The airport staff moving around refuse to listen the old people

For passengers coming to Kathmandu, it is difficult to get luggage trolley which have to be brought from outside. Many non-passengers take control of trolleys and genuine passengers are made to move from one place to another for a trolley. This needs to be corrected immediately. I hope the authorities will ponder on three difficulties faced by the international passengers and do the needful to  mitigate their suffering.

(From the Kathmandu post , only body has been mentioned leaving all the parts of the letter)

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