Changing prose forms into Dialogues

 Prose form

     Herbert is talking to his mother, mrs. Sunbury. He addresses his mother and tells her that he has asked a young lady to come to the following day. He inquired her if that is all right. Mrs. Sunbury responds surprisingly what he has done. Herbert says she has heard what he has done. Then  Mrs. Sunbury asks him politely who the girl is and how he got to know  her. Herbert anwers her name is Bevan. He says her full name Betty Bevan. He continues met her at the picture. His  meeting to her was like an accident. At the picture she was sitting next to him and she dropped her bag. Then, he picked her bag up. She thanked him for this help  and so naturally they got talking. After listening his story, Mrs. Sunbury asks him if he means to tell her (Mrs. Sunbury) he fell for an old trick like that. She exclaims she has dropped her bag indeed. When her mother questions about the girl, Herbert tries to persuade his mother and says she is making a mistake. The girl is nice and she is really educated too.

 From the above mentioned paragraph the following dialogue is constructed:


Herbert           : Mum, I've asked a young lady to come to tea tomorrow. Is that all right?

Mrs. Sunbury :  You done what?

Herbert           :You heard, 'Mum'.

Mrs. Sunbury :And may I ask who she is and how you got to know her?

Herbert           :Her name's Bevan, Betty Bevan and I met her at the picture. It was an accident like. She                           was sitting next to me and she dropped her bag and I picked it up and she said 'thank                               you' and so naturally we got talking.

Mrs. Sunbury :And do you mean to tell me you tell for an old trick like that? Dropped her bag indeed!

Herbert            : You're making a mistake mum, She is a nice girl- She is really educated too.

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