Write conversations for the following situations
.    1)  Dinesh meets his friend at theatre. He congratulates him because he has got a new baby.                     D: Hey, Hari , I heard your wife had a baby yesterday.
         H: That's right. A little boy.
         D:Well, I'd like to congratulate you. What's his  name?
        H: My mother named  him Kausal.

    2) You meet a friend at the dog store. while talking, she mentions that she has found a new job.
         B: Hey! Sarita. How is it going? long time no see.
         G: Oh! Hari. Not bad. I have just found a job in this store.
         B: Let me congratulate you on your new job.
         G: Thanks, Hari.
         B: See you later. Bye
         G: Bye.

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