Changing Dialogue into Prose forms

 While changing dialogues into prose forms, we should bear the rules and conventions of changing the direct speech into indirect speech. Furthermore, the semantic totality of the dialogue is supposed to be considered as a respective factor. The information given inside the brackets should be, if necessary , included in the prose form.Let's study the following dialogues along with their respective prose forms and try to generalize how to change dialogues into prose forms.

 Example: I

  A conversation between an employer and employee:

Mrs Pradhan  :  You're late again, Mr. Suresh.

Suresh            :   I'm sorry, madam. I missed my bus. 

Mrs Pradhan  :   This is the third time. You'd better not be late again.You understand?

Suresh            :   Yes, madam.

Mrs. Pradhan  :Right. Did you finish the work I gave you the day before yesterday?

Suresh            :No.... I'm...

Mrs.  Pradhan: You ought to take your job more seriously, Mr Suresh.

Suresh           : Yes, madam. Actually my wife was ill and...

Mrs. Pradhan :No, excuse, please. Here's a piece of advice. Why don't you look for another job? 

                        The job here doesn't suit you.

Suresh           :Please, madam. Give me a chance.

Mrs  Pradhan :I don't think.....

Suresh            :Please, madam, please. I'll never be late again.

Mrs. Pradhan:All right.This is your last chance, then.You can go now.

Suresh          :Thank you. Thank you very much.

Prose form

         The employer Mrs. Pradhan  told the employee Suresh that he  was late again. He apologized and added that he had missed his bus. She again warned him not to be late again because it was third time and he agreed it. Then mrs. Pradhan asked him whether he had finished the work she had given him the previous day, but he replied he had not. He wanted to give clarification but mrs. pradhan stopped, and she suggested him to take the job more seriously. He tried to convice her giving clarification that his wife had been unwell and he had to wait for her, perhaps.But Mrs Pradhan didnot want to excuse him and advised that he had to look for another job which would be suitable for him because that job didnot suit him. He begged for excuse very poiletly and requested for a chance, and promised that he would not be late again. Then Mrs. Pradhan excused him as the last chance. At last, Suresh thanked her very much,

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