How can you overcome your limiting beliefs?

 Why do we have limiting beliefs?

Belief is a state of mind in which a person has trust and confidence that something exists. Is it as if he has faith in a person or a thing. Although identifying them is troublesome. To overcome these events is a daily struggle that is why empowering belief is crucial.

There are different types of factors that can affect one’s beliefs. These can . by parents, learned from friends, and even past relationships. Our brain functions on what we perceive and what we had experienced before. 

These limiting thoughts and beliefs can have several origins:

• Personal beliefs are those experiences that were lived by the person himself, leading him to develop certain blocks.

• Hereditary experiences and beliefs that are related to the way we were created, the ideas and behaviors that we observe and reinforce during our entire life.

• Fear or excuse is everything you use as an excuse to stop doing something or when you stop taking a certain action for fear of failing.

• Social circles of the people around you and those who can influence you.

• Society can impose standards that generate limiting beliefs.

• Religious beliefs can sometimes spread limiting thoughts, as their preaching usually defines which attitudes are accepted under the eyes of the divinity in which an individual believes.

Types of Belief :
There are two types of belief : Limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs
We have some beliefs which limit us and then we have some beliefs which empowers us  There are some belief which limits our frequency because of which we are not be able to attract what we want in our life and then there are some beliefs which empower us which gives us the power gives us the frequency to attract what we want in our life . Its extremely crucial for you to understand how beliefs are made and how you can change beliefs.
What are some of your current limiting beliefs  that might be stopping you in your life ?
 let's take one example of limiting belief for every area of your life :

Physical health : I can't loose weight because I have hormonals problem in my body and now that's a limiting belief  the moment you say  because of hormonals problems you can't loose weight then that's become your reality and you will never be able to loose your weight. You could also have a limiting belief that because of my age health problems are natural. The older I grow it's natural to have health problem. If you have limiting beliefs like these then you will have health problem.  

Relationship : Between husband and wife  if there is a limiting belief that after five years of marriage or after ten years of marriage it's difficult to have romance in relationship. If you have a limiting belief that my relationship always cheat me people in my life always cheat me now that's a limiting belief  which drops the attraction of having good relationship in your life so that's a limiting belief in relationship.

Career : Let's say you have a limiting belief  that it's difficult to have promotion without education that's right  a lot of people have this limiting  belief  it's difficult to have promotion in my life without education so what a lot of people think  is that  unless they do their MBA , PhD they won't get promotion in their organization. Frankly, that is just a limiting belief. If you have a limiting belief  that when the market is down it's natural for my career to slow down now that's a limiting belief. If you believe your market controls your business or your job that's a huge limiting belief that you are really living in.

Money : If you have beliefs that says money is the root cause of all  problems  in our life that's a limiting belief, You'll never be able to attract money in your life or making money is  very  difficult or I make money with a  lot of difficulty in my life. I've always faced struggle in my life if you have limiting beliefs like that you will attract struggle. 
  So, it's  extremely crucial for you to normally recognize your limiting beliefs and change your limiting beliefs  are you ready  for that I'm sure you are . 

           First let's understand  what are our beliefs and how are they mean. Belief is a simple thought which has been repeated  so many times  in your life that it has become permanent part so part which  becomes  permanent  is called a belief. Almost 90%  things in life are belief which is given to you by somebody in life. Sun rises from east and sets in the west. You've never invent never discovered  that yourself. When you say this is east and this is west somebody made that for the first time so that became  a belief. The bottom line any thing which is  repeated many times and  becomes  permanent  is called a belief. Now, once you have a belief  in your life it becomes  your personal reality. 
   Now there are some global realities or  beliefs that we live with. for an example 
I am a girl or particular person is a boy that's a global belief  whether you go to India or any corner of the world . That's a global reality or belief.  There are community beliefs which means believes that belong to  Hindus, Muslims or Christians. There are family believes,  some people believe that we need our children to be very liberal very free they should do what they want they want to do. there are some families who believe that my children or our family should  always be disciplined. They shouldn't do what they want to do they should do what their elders want them to do. In family there are something called  as individual  beliefs you have a belief I have a belief  our personal belief becomes our  personal reality

   There was one experiment done  on guy who lives in U.S. An experiment done on him on beliefs. He had cancer so a group of doctors just to understand  the power of beliefs they admit him in a particular hospital for six months and told him that after six months we're going to give you a particular injection we are working on it it's still under research  it's still under discovery but once that injection is done it's created in one dose you can cure your cancer. He didn't believe it but they kept him there for six months  in the hospital and they  kept repeating that to him so what happened after six months he started believing that this injection was going to cure me one day. He started looking forward to it and believed it that became his personal reality after six months they give him an injection and believe it it's a true story you can find it on google. It's called the placebos effect experiment this man was actually healed. He was actually cured  of cancer but now here's the danger part of it. Remember this was his personal reality and he did not create this reality  somebody else gave him this reality so somebody else can break it. Some reporter  found out about this experiment and  wrote it in news papers that these doctors have come with some fake medicine which they're calling it a cure for cancer but actually it's nothing but sugar water, it just a plain sugar water they gave him and that injection cured him but now here is the problem even though he believed that this injection could heal him and it did heal him when he read in the news papers that this injection was a fake in the next 48 hours this man died that's right he died because he realized that this injection doesn't work. His belief collapsed 
because of that his personal reality killed him. His body started reacting and when they diagnosis they realized that he died of cancer. How does that happen, because our mind, body everything's made of energy our beliefs are the strongest layer of energy when we vibrate that frequency of belief our body starts vibrating that frequency. Our immune system reacts to that our energy  around us reacts to that and we start attracting that frequency. So think about it now how important it is for you to recognize your limiting beliefs and change them into our empowering beliefs so that you could really attract what you want in your life. what is a belief? It's a simple thought which some body gives you in your life it's not reality it is just a simple thought that is converted into reality or belief by repeating many many time. Another way where beliefs become stronger in life is when you starts finding references that proves that belief is true. A belief becomes reality for you when you find references to prove that belief is true. For an example : If you believe that market controls your business then one you need to repeat that many times to believe that right many people say that market controls your business market controls your business so what happens because of that you start believing in it because you have repeated it many times but now when you start finding references to prove that this belief is true this beliefs become even more real for it becomes more stronger for you. 

         For example: you meet a friends of  yours and he says that you know my business was doing excellent for the last one year but the last month share market dropped because of which my business went down but this is one proof you got then you meet another friend and he says same second proof then there is another friend he says same third proof another gives the same four proof  the moment you get three to four proofs for proving that your references or examples to prove that your belief  is true now this becomes really realy strong right and then what happens is because you believe that market controls your business it impacts your thoughts your actions you take limited actions and then you get limited results. Now when you get limited results you say see when the market is down my business is down you start collecting personal references, personal experiences of your life that proves to you that yes this belief is true market controls my business. But the fact is that's not true the market doesn't controls your business because let's look at it market controls business for huge organizations like Tata's, Ambani's, Bill Gates, Apple company these are huge organizations their business get impacted when market goes down. You and I we're very small in the market. Apple company, let's say makes one hundred thousand crores and if the market goes down they make eight hundred thousand crores that's about it for them  that's market  down but for people like you and me who make one lakh,  two lakh, three lakh, ten lakhs in a month it's very small what is ten lakhs compared to what apple company make makes it's nothing it's not even a drop in the ocean so, frankly speaking our business has no impact from the market because market is so huge out of that it's a big market out there. Is there enough money in the market for you and me and our  emission of 1 lakh ,2 lakh , 5lakhs a month, oh there is  more than enough space in the market even when the market is down for people like you and me so don't worry about that there's always money in the market. Now watch what's happening you believe that market controls your business is probably already changing right how because i give you one  reference one logical reference to prove you that market doesn't controls your business your beliefs controls your business  because i gave you a very solid logic a very solid reference that market controls business for very huge organizations and not for people like you and me and that does make sense right so that logic is already giving you one reference that market doesn't controls your business you control your  business. If you could repeat this you control your business you control your promotions you control you career this becomes belief by repeating it again and again. Now all you need to do is find references which means find people for whom this belief is true find people whose business doesn't get impacted in spite of  the market situation and the more you find such people the more you find references the more you will believe that this believe is true that you control your business market doesn't control your business. The market is too huge for my, your ambitions I mean even though the market is down there's enough there's is like hundred thousand times money then my or  your ambition in the market. I'm not trying to make hundred crores every month I'm just trying to make a few lakhs a month and that's not a big deal for the market. If you believe this your business only grow also believe that I control my business market has no impact on my business. Out side there around you , you start attracting opportunities, people who give you business. You don't attract problem you attract opportunities. 
      You will be able to take action which is required to do such excellent service for your client that they easily refer you to more client. If you have limiting beliefs that market controls your business and you start believing that now your business is going to go down then your action are limited so, you are not taking excellent service you are not giving excellent service to your client so they don't refer you a lot and then you say that see market controls your business. That's not true you controls your business, your beliefs controls your business. 
       To change your beliefs do some exercise 
STEP 1: Recognize your limiting beliefs in every area of your life. : How do you do that simply ask yourself this question what are the negative beliefs that I have which limits my attraction in my goals in every area of your life for physical health, for relationships, For career, for money, and write down all these limiting beliefs because the first step to change anything in your life is to recognize that limiting beliefs. 

STEP 2: Convert that negative belief into a positive belief  using an affirmation :  An affirmation is a positive thought written in positive tense and present tense. for eg, If you're saying that you always find difficult to make money that's a negative belief now convert that into a positive beliefs by writing a positive affirmation about it , I easily attract money in my life every single day in my business. I happily and easily attract money in my life everyday in my business. Now that's not only positive beliefs that's an affirmation so that starts becoming your frequency. 

STEP 3 : Repeat this affirmation as many times as you can: The more you repeat it the more you belief it. Repeat it at least repeat it 20 times a day when you wake up in the morning say it when you go to sleep  say it  whenever you are free repeat it. Say that belief not just like a normal thought say that like you belief say it passionately feel it emotionally. The more passionately you say you feel it, believe it,  attract opportunity.

STEP 4 : Start looking for references, examples of other people in your life : when you look references other people that proves your new belief is true because if you don't find proof it's be difficult for your subconscious mind to belief  it. Create your own reference also.  Experiment on  yourself by doing any one of your negative belief and you becomes success, when you  become success that that's your own references and when you built reference of you own you get succeed in any area of you life.

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