Informal invitations

 They are personal letters. They are written to close friends and v close acquaintances. Sentences in active voice and first person pronouns are used. Reply can be formal or informal. Look at the following example:



Dec 21, 2001.

Dear Kumar,

I would be delighted if you along with your wife could attend the wedding party of our daughter Radha, at 10 a.m. on Sunday, the second of January 2001.

Looking forward to seeing you on the occasion.



Note: Reply can be also written in the same form.

While writing reply to the invitation, there can be acceptance, refusal

and suggestion

a. Ways of accepting an invitation

Yes, I'd love to +verb

• Yes, that's a good idea

• Yes, I'd like to +verb

b. Ways of refusing an invitation

. I'm sorry I can't come because...... (reason)

• I'm afraid I can't come because .. (reason)

c. Ways of suggesting

• How about + V-ing

• Let's + verb

• Why don't we + verb

. Shall we + verb

For example:


Kalimati,, Kathmandu
Dec 25, 2001

Dear Ram,

Thank you for your kind invitation. I along with my wife would like to come to the party. How about meeting at 11 am? 


Kalimati, Kathmandu

Dec. 26, 2001

Thank you for your hearty invitation but I am afraid because I can't come because I have already planned an important meeting on the day.



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