Informal invitations

 They are personal letters. They are written to close friends and v close acquaintances. Sentences in active voice and first person pronouns are used. Reply can be formal or informal. Look at the following example:



Dec 21, 2001.

Dear Kumar,

I would be delighted if you along with your wife could attend the wedding party of our daughter Radha, at 10 a.m. on Sunday, the second of January 2001.

Looking forward to seeing you on the occasion.



Note: Reply can be also written in the same form.

While writing reply to the invitation, there can be acceptance, refusal

and suggestion

a. Ways of accepting an invitation

Yes, I'd love to +verb

• Yes, that's a good idea

• Yes, I'd like to +verb

b. Ways of refusing an invitation

. I'm sorry I can't come because...... (reason)

• I'm afraid I can't come because .. (reason)

c. Ways of suggesting

• How about + V-ing

• Let's + verb

• Why don't we + verb

. Shall we + verb

For example:


Kalimati,, Kathmandu
Dec 25, 2001

Dear Ram,

Thank you for your kind invitation. I along with my wife would like to come to the party. How about meeting at 11 am? 


Kalimati, Kathmandu

Dec. 26, 2001

Thank you for your hearty invitation but I am afraid because I can't come because I have already planned an important meeting on the day.



Invitation (Model-2)

                                                         The Linguistic Society of Nepal

Cordially invites

Dr. Anjana Bhattarai

To the annual conference of the society

Venue : Auditorium Hall, T.U., Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Date : November 11-12, 2001
Time : 11am

Phone : 330340



Mr. and Mrs. Navin Bhattarai

Request the pleasure of the company of

Mr. and Mrs. Raju Subedi

At dinner

On Monday, the twelfth of November 2001, at 7 pm

At their own residence

Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Phone : 330390



Refusal (how to write letter of refusal)

                                                           Dr. G.R. Bhattarai thanks

The Linguistic Society of Nepal


The kind invitation

To the annual conference of the society

On Sunday and Monday

November 11th & 12th

At 11 o'clock


CEDA Hall, Kirtipur


Regrets that owing to a very important meeting,

he is unable to accept it.

Invitation (Acceptance)

                                                         Dr. G.R. Bhattarai thanks

The Linguistic Society of Nepal


The kind invitation

To the annual conference of the society

On Sunday and Monday

November 11th & 12th

At 11 o'clock


CEDA Hall, Kirtipur


Has much pleasure in accepting it.


 Invitations are used for special programmes such as marriage ceremony. verses, etc. They can be formal or informal depending upon the occasion or the person being invited.


1. Formal invitations

Normally they are in card forms. They are also called the cards of invitation. Passive forms and third persons are used in order to make the invitations look formal, but the responses of the invitations can be either formal or informal.

Gaze at the following models of formal invitations:


The Linguistic Society of Nepal
Cordially invites
Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai


The annual conference of the society

On Sunday and Monday,

, November the eleventh and twelfth

At 11 o'clock


CEDA Hall, Kirtipur, Kathmandu


Note: R.S.V.P. Respondez Sil Vou Plait

(French) means 'please reply.'

Greeting Cards / Greetings

 Greetings are either published in the newspapers or sent to the people by writing on the greeting cards. Greetings or greeting cards are sent to someone on special occasions like birthday, new year, festivals and so on.

Look at the following examples:


We express our hearty wishes


you on the auspicious occasions

Of Happy Vijaya Dashami and Dipawali


Principal and School Family

Panga Sec. Boarding School

Shahidpath, Kirtipur


On the occasion of the

58th Auspicious Birthday of

His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev

We offer our

Heartiest Greetings and Best Wishes

For Good health, happiness & long life

Nepal Rastra Bank

Bhugol Park, Kathmandu



We heartily extend our sincere greetings


Best wishes to all on the auspicious


Happy Vijaya Dashami Dipawali 2058

Campus Chief and Campus Family

M.R. Campus, Tahachal



Postcards are written in many ways. They are personal letters. While writing postcards we should not mention heading but date is normally mentioned. A postcard is a piece of thin card often with a picture on one side on which we can write and send to people by post without using envelope. It is very short. Look at the following model:


                                                                                                                      5 May, 2000

 Dear Raju,

It's quite pleasant to be living in Pokhara in the winter I have realized. I am staying at Thakali Hotel and Lodge. Due to lake and snow capped mountain, it is really beautiful and eye-catching I've taken some photographs which you will find after my return.




Formal condolence or Notice of condolence

  It appears in the newspapers, It is formal and it is written in standard and high sounding language.

Look at the following models:



We are deeply grieved by the sad and untimely demise of our very dear

friend and one of the pioneers

in the Travel Trade Industry

Mr. P.P. Prasai

in Necon Aircraft crash while traveling

from Pokhara to Kathmandu on Sunday, the fifth of September 1999

We express our hearfelt condolences to the bereaved

family and pray to the Almighty for the eternal

peace of the departed Soul.

Yeti Travel Pvt. Ltd.

(From The Kathmandu Post)


We express our deep sympathy and grief

at the sudden and untimely demise of

Mrs. Radha Tamrakar

a senior technician of our member firm

Lalitpur Modern Consultancy

We extend our heartfelt condolences to her bereaved family and relatives and pray that her departed soul will rest in peace in heaven. She will always remain in our hearts and memories.

Society of Consulting Firm

Tripureshwor, Kathmandu

Letter of sympathy

 Letter of sympathy is written when someone, i.e. our relative or a friend, has something lost but we can also find that letter of sympathy and letter of condolence are used at the demise of someone.

Look at the following example of a letter of sympathy:

63, Church Road,


March 20, 1973

Dear John,

We are all so sorry to hear that your brother is very ill, and we do hope that you will soon have some better news to report.

You must be dreadfully worried, but perhaps you will be able to get some slight consolation from the knowledge that many of your friends are feeling for you.

Is there any way in which we can be of some slight assistance ? When illness is in the house, one is often hard put to be able to manage; but if there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Would you ask your two little youngsters to come here for a few days ? They are so young and noisy, and must be taking up a great deal of your time I may assure you that they would be quite happy with Mary and Emily With sincere sympathy.

I remain.
Yours sincerely,


(From New College Composition]

Letters of Condolence / Sympathy

 Letters of condolence or informal condolences are written to give consolation (comfort or compensation) to the family on the demise of their relatives or friends. They should be brief and should convey the grief the sender feels and shares. They are written in the form of a personal letter. For example:

1. Letter of condolence or informal condolence



May, 1995

Dear Radha,

I was deeply grieved to learn about the death of your mother. I hope you will accept my sincere heartfelt condolence on the demise of her.

When my father died last year, I felt a heart-breaking shock I know how painful it is to face with the demise of our parents. May God provide you with power and patience to tolerate this grief! May the departed soul live in heaven and may time bring comfort and peace in your bereaved family ! I again wish eternal peace of the departed soul.



Letters to the Editor

 The letters written addressing to the editor of a newspaper or magazine or any publication are called the letters to the editor but the main aim of these letters is to inform, convince or persuade the readers or concerning people or factors, These letters contain factual information about concrete facts. These letters should be clear and to the point. Normally these letters are official letters or formal letters.

Look at the following examples and try to generalize how to write them:

1. Model - 1



2nd May, 1995

The Editor,

The Rising Nepal,


Dear Sir,

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities of the for department of the government about the destruction of the forest in Dhankuta district.

As we people of Dhankuta have realized, the district for office of Dhankuta has not been informed about the destruction of the forest. In most of the V.D.C.'s the jungle is being rapidly, cleared for various purposes because most of V.D.C. people are not well educated. Furthermore, some wood sellers are selling the firewood and building materials illegally as their prime motive is to collect a large amount of money overnight.

The concerning department and respective officials should make a concrete plan to stop destruction of the forest as soon a possible

Yours sincerely,

Bidur Rai

2. Model -2



3rd May, 1995.

The Editor,

The Kathmandu Post,


Dear Sir,

I would be grateful if you would allow a little space in you widely circulated and popular newspaper in order to draw the attention of the general public as well as the concerning authority of the government to the problem of quality education.

Well skilled educated manpower should be regarded as the backbone of the development. Regarding our country, technical education has not been given importance. The people who live in the rural regions cannot understand the importance of technical education. They must be convinced to send their children to the technical institutions. On the other hand, our country is facing with problems caused by the general educated manpower. The government should open appropriate technical institutes all over the country.

I hope the concerning authority will make apt steps immediately.

Sincerely yours,


Rita Rai

3. Model -3

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) about the difficulties faced by the international tourists who visit Nepal in large numbers.

Firstly, there is no system of regular announcements about the arrival and departure of various flights. Even electronic notice boards which indicate the position of flights are absent. This drawback needs to be corrected without delay. Electronic notice boards mentioning the position of flights should be placed at various places even outside for the benefit of the passengers and for those who come to receive them.

Secondly, the security check up for boarding is only at one place and all the passengers going in different directions have to stand in the same queue. This makes the queue too long and one is not sure which flight security clearance is taking place. There is neither any signboard nor any announcement near the area. Everyone is confused. The plight of senior citizens, who cannot stand in the line for too long, can only be imagined. The airport staff moving around refuse to listen the old people

For passengers coming to Kathmandu, it is difficult to get luggage trolley which have to be brought from outside. Many non-passengers take control of trolleys and genuine passengers are made to move from one place to another for a trolley. This needs to be corrected immediately. I hope the authorities will ponder on three difficulties faced by the international passengers and do the needful to  mitigate their suffering.

(From the Kathmandu post , only body has been mentioned leaving all the parts of the letter)

Letters of Appreciation


An employee or organization is appreciated for the service provided or work done. The organization for which service is provided offers grate fulness and hearty appreciation to the organization or individual who has completed the duty or responsibilities perfectly and sincerely. Study the following example:

Mahendra-Ratna Campus, Tahachal


June 10, 2001

Dr. J.B. Shrestha,

Kirtipur -10,


Dear Dr. Shrestha,

It is our great pleasure to appreciate you for your invaluable service to our campus. We feel proud of your teaching perfection. We express profound pleasure to offer hearty appreciation that cannot be expressed in more words as you have been evaluated as one of the best English teachers of our campus. We wish we were able to continue our relationship even after your retirement from the campus. We wish bright future.


Campus chief

Letters of Reference and Recommendation

 The letters that recommend somebody or something with some factual references and information to someone for special purpose are known as the letters of reference and recommendation. They include the information about the quality, qualification, health condition, character. honesty and devotion of the applicant. The person who recommends someone should be completely responsible for the information imparted by his letter.

Gaze at the following examples and try to generalize how to write the letter of references and recommendation:

1. Model -1

Kirtipur Secondary English Board

Shahidpath, Kirtipur 9

Kathmandu, Nepal

15th May 1999.


Mr. Vishnu Man Maharjan,

Founder Principal, Kirtipur S.E.B. School,

Shahidpath, Kirtipur.

Subject: To whom it may concern.

Mr. Chhatra Bahadur Rai, son of Mr. Bir Bahadur Rai, a resident of Muga-4, Dhankuta, has been known to me for ten years. He was a teacher at our school and completed his duty assigned to him as a subject teacher.

He bears a good moral character and charming personality. He left no stone unturned while his stay here.

I wish him bright future.


Mr. D.P. Maharjan


2. Model -2

Bagmati Agro-concern Pvt. Ltd.

Kuleswar, Kathmandu



20 May, 1995.


The Managing Director,

Nepal Agro-concern Pvt. Ltd.,

Jawlakhel, Lalitpur

Dear Sir,

I have known Mr. Raju Thapa, a resident of Kirtipur, for ten years. I would like to recommend him as a good agent to sell any production of your business because he bore a very good char and was a prominent agent of my firm.

I wish he would be a good agent for your firm, too. For more information, please call 330340,

Sincerely yours,


Rajan Rai

Managing Director


Pradhan & Brother's Trader




10 May, 1998

The Managing Director,

Shrestha Overseas Trader,

Thamel, Kathmandu

Dear Sir,

I wish to introduce Kiranti Handicrafts (P) Ltd, as the largest and most well-established company manufacturing handicrafts in Khotang. They have gained an immense goodwill in the foreign export market because of excellent standard maintained for ethnic handicrafts for four decades.

I have had great pleasure of doing business with them myself as an exporter for their goods to London and France, and I am entirely willing to continue the business for many years to come.

I hope you will find the products of the aforementioned company fruitful to extend and flourish your business. I wish 'best of your luck'

Sincerely yours,


Kiran Pradhan