Letters of Reference and Recommendation

 The letters that recommend somebody or something with some factual references and information to someone for special purpose are known as the letters of reference and recommendation. They include the information about the quality, qualification, health condition, character. honesty and devotion of the applicant. The person who recommends someone should be completely responsible for the information imparted by his letter.

Gaze at the following examples and try to generalize how to write the letter of references and recommendation:

1. Model -1

Kirtipur Secondary English Board

Shahidpath, Kirtipur 9

Kathmandu, Nepal

15th May 1999.


Mr. Vishnu Man Maharjan,

Founder Principal, Kirtipur S.E.B. School,

Shahidpath, Kirtipur.

Subject: To whom it may concern.

Mr. Chhatra Bahadur Rai, son of Mr. Bir Bahadur Rai, a resident of Muga-4, Dhankuta, has been known to me for ten years. He was a teacher at our school and completed his duty assigned to him as a subject teacher.

He bears a good moral character and charming personality. He left no stone unturned while his stay here.

I wish him bright future.


Mr. D.P. Maharjan


2. Model -2

Bagmati Agro-concern Pvt. Ltd.

Kuleswar, Kathmandu



20 May, 1995.


The Managing Director,

Nepal Agro-concern Pvt. Ltd.,

Jawlakhel, Lalitpur

Dear Sir,

I have known Mr. Raju Thapa, a resident of Kirtipur, for ten years. I would like to recommend him as a good agent to sell any production of your business because he bore a very good char and was a prominent agent of my firm.

I wish he would be a good agent for your firm, too. For more information, please call 330340,

Sincerely yours,


Rajan Rai

Managing Director


Pradhan & Brother's Trader




10 May, 1998

The Managing Director,

Shrestha Overseas Trader,

Thamel, Kathmandu

Dear Sir,

I wish to introduce Kiranti Handicrafts (P) Ltd, as the largest and most well-established company manufacturing handicrafts in Khotang. They have gained an immense goodwill in the foreign export market because of excellent standard maintained for ethnic handicrafts for four decades.

I have had great pleasure of doing business with them myself as an exporter for their goods to London and France, and I am entirely willing to continue the business for many years to come.

I hope you will find the products of the aforementioned company fruitful to extend and flourish your business. I wish 'best of your luck'

Sincerely yours,


Kiran Pradhan


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