Letters of resignation

 An employed individual may need to write a letter of resignation due to various reasons. Although he is writing the letter of resignation due to quarrel to the employer, he should write in friendly, tactful polite and formal language because he might need his employer in the future for favourable response, or the general sense of humanity should be found in the letter. For example:



10 May, 1999

The Principal,

Mount Valley Boarding School,

Tinkune, Baneswar,


Dear Sir,

I wish to resign from my present position effective from June 20, 1995 for accepting a position of secondary level English teacher at Panga S.B. School, Kirtipur.

Although I have enjoyed working as a lower secondary English teacher at your school, I shall have more opportunities and facilities for my career development in my new position.

I wish to offer hearty thanks and gratitude for your friendly and pleasant activities while staying at your institute.

Faithfully yours,

Raju Thapa

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