The topic sentence at the beginning

 The topic sentence written at the beginning of the paragraph is clarified by means of supporting details. It is regarded as the most usual system of writing a paragraph. There are some advantages in placing the topic sentence or pilot sentence at the begining that contains the central or controlling idea of the paragraph. the witer will ease himself to plan the paragraph properly. On the other hand, the reader will be faciliated to grasp the information imparted by the paragraph. for example:

            " Geographers have found that there are some important differences between the northern and southern polar regions of the earth. The Arctic  region, in the north, is mostly sea, surrounded by masses of land. the south pole , on the other hand , is situated in a land mass surrounded by  the oceans; in fact, Antarctica is regarded as a continent by itself. Both the regions have a very cold climate, but the winter  in the arctic is not so severe  or so long as that in the Antarctic. Antarctica is snowbound almost throughout the year, the snow in the Arctic melts in summer."

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