The topic sentence in the middle.

 Sometimes the topic sentence appears in the middle of the paragraph with the supporting details after and before it. in such a paragraph, the reader will have to face with problem of getting the central idea of the paragraph. for example:

          "When the motorcar was first introduced, it was a clumsy, noisy machine that laboured along the street at pace no faster than that of a trotting horse. People looked at it with suspicion and fear. Since then the motor car has come a long way, and is today a combination of beauty, luxury, and efficiency. the modern automobile, sleek and streamlined, with its brilliant hues, is an aesthetically appealing object, almost a work of art. you can travel in it in absolute comfort at an incredible speed, and yet feel no fatigue at the end of the day's journey. the engine is a master piece of mechanical ingenuity, and seldom lets you down if you maintain it in good condition".

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