Placement of the topic sentence

The topic sentence contains the central/ controlling idea that is developed and explained in the rest part of the paragraph. While writing a paragraph, the topic sentence can be placed in any position in the paragraph: at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end. Furthermore, the central idea of a paragraph is found to have been stated in two places: at the beginning, or in the middle and at the end of the paragraph. So does the writer in order to clarify the thought and to sum up the writing obviously to ease the reader for complete understanding.
                There are no any particular norms, systems and rules about where to place the topic sentence of a paragraph. (Chaplen 1970) Chaplen thinks that the topic sentence should be placed at the beginning of a paragraph is a very useful guide for both the writer and the reader.The writer can more easily see what information to include in the paragraph, and what information to exclude .The reader knows immediately what the paragraph is going to be  about; and  he will concentrate his attention to the further explanations and the other supporting details as well. As the result , the reader understands the paragraph readily what the writer intends to impart.                                                                                                                                                             Placement of the topic sentence is done:
              At the beginning
              In the middle     
               At the end
               In two places
              Main theme not always expressed


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