Letters of Condolence / Sympathy

 Letters of condolence or informal condolences are written to give consolation (comfort or compensation) to the family on the demise of their relatives or friends. They should be brief and should convey the grief the sender feels and shares. They are written in the form of a personal letter. For example:

1. Letter of condolence or informal condolence



May, 1995

Dear Radha,

I was deeply grieved to learn about the death of your mother. I hope you will accept my sincere heartfelt condolence on the demise of her.

When my father died last year, I felt a heart-breaking shock I know how painful it is to face with the demise of our parents. May God provide you with power and patience to tolerate this grief! May the departed soul live in heaven and may time bring comfort and peace in your bereaved family ! I again wish eternal peace of the departed soul.



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