One Word Substitution In English. One word substitution for ssc cgl. One Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

 One Word Substitution In English. One Word       Substitution For Competitive Exams

One who is new to a profession:- Novice

One who studies things of the past :- Antiquarian

One who walks on foot :- Pedestrian

One who supports woman's problem :- Feminist

A man who has womanish ways :- Effeminate

One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure :- Stoic

A well experienced person :- Sophisticated

One for whom the world in his/her home :- Cosmopolitan

Principles of a political party :- Manifesto

One who is eighty years old :- Octogenarian

One who is more than a hundred years old :- Centenarian

One who lives at the same time :- Contemporary

One who eats human flesh :- Cannibal

One who is out to destroy the government :- Anarchist

High salary but no work :- Sinecure

Work but no pay :- Voluntary

One who acts against religion:- Heretic

One who is all powerful:- Omnipotent

One who knows everything :- Omniscient

One who loves mankind :- Philanthropist

One who hates mankind :- Misanthrope 

One in doubts:- Skeptical

A perception without objective reality:- Hallucination

A person who betrays a friend:- Traitor

A multi-talented person:- Versatile

A person who pays special attention to himself and his dress code:- Dandy

Excessive love for one's country:- Patriot

A school for infants and young children:- Kindergarten

One who draws maps and charts:- Cartographer

A person who is bad at spellings:- Cacographist

Capable of being wounded:- Vulnerable

Incapable of being wounded:- Invulnerable

A factory for brewing beer:- Brewery

A house for an Arab:- Dowar

A house of an Eskimo:- Igloo

A cluster of houses:- Hamlet

A number of stars grouped together:- Constellation

A collection of flags:- Bunting

A number of people working on a ship:- Crew

A place for gambling tables:- Casino

A professional rider in horse races:- jockey

A person who plays for pleasure:- Amateur

A person who plays for money:- Professional

A person who kills for money:- Mercenary

A person who imitates the voice/actions of somebody else:- Mimic

One who pretends to be what he is not:- Hypocrite

A person who has a special skill for judging art, music:- Connoisseur

A person who is devoted to the pleasure for eating and drinking and making merry:- Epicurean

A person who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks:- Teetotaler

A person who walks in his/her sleep:- Somnambulist

A person who has tendency/passion for stealing :- Kleptomaniac

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