am experiencing the deep feeling of relaxation and bliss.. Naturally I am feeling so happy and satisfied that there is no need to depend on any external substance for pleasure... My Almighty Father is the ocean of powers... I am receiving those positive powers from Him.. My will power is increasing... My consciousness is becoming pure... Now I dislike impure addictive substances... I have enough strength to completely overcome my old habits.. I am also realising that these substances are hazardous to my health... Even if I have to bear with some discomfort I will completelty conquer this habit and regain the purity of the soul.. (Once you have understood the spiritual knowledge and experienced meditation the best way is to completely shake off the old habit immeditately. Even if you have some urge or the symptoms of physical dependence like joint pains, hallucinations, etc. it will not last for long. After 72 hours such withdrawl symptoms will diminish and you will be able to free yourself completely from the hazardous habit forever. Upto six months or some craving may persist but don't succumb to the desire The urge will last only for a few minutes. If you can control yourself for few minutes the war against addiction is won During the small transit period of craving you may divert your mind on other subjects or take support from your friends but don't surrender yourself to the addiction),

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