Obsessive -Compulsive Neurosis

 Now I feel a deep sense of tranquility and bliss.. I am receiving love of all relations from the Almighty.. I am completely positive and satisfied... My Supreme Father is the ocean of purity and I am receiving those vibrations of purity from Him ... I am realising that my habits are not normal ... I am receiving enough power from Supreme to stop this unhealthy repetition.. I am also deeply convinced that this unhealthy repetition is not going to help me in anyway... Even if I have to bear with some discomfort I will not repeat the act ... By tuning my mind with the Almighty I feel completely secured and my will power is increasing ... Day by day I am able to minimise the unhealthy repetition... Self control is increasing. I will put all efforts to completely shed these unhealthy habits... (Along with meditation to overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder like repeated hand washing or doing some ritual, also try to be in touch with your inner feelings. Have positive thoughts during meditation to overcome those unwanted feelings and also make sincere efforts to stop the compulsive act ... If you succumb to your mental urge and repeat the particular act, you may feel comfortable for sometime but your disease is going to increase ... Instead with determination try to stop the repetition. You may feel uncomfortable for a while but later on you will feel much more relaxed. Your self esteem will increase. Day-by-day put more and more efforts to stop your repetitions. Meditation will definitely help to overcome the inner conflict which is the cause of such compulsive behaviour).

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