How to treat Psychosomatic illness

What is Psychosomatic Diseases ?

 Disease  originates from or is aggravated by emotional stress and manifests in the body as physical pain and other symptoms. Depression can also contribute to psychosomatic illness, especially when the body's immune system has been weakened by severe and/or chronic stress.

Treatment of Psychosomatic illness

For the treatment of psychosomatic diseases when meditation is combined with conventional medicine. The dose of medicine can be reduced and the disease can be cured permanently because meditation removes the root cause of psychosomatic diseases. For treating specific psychosomatic diseases specially modified meditation can be used as a therapy. Simonton and Simonton of U.S. and others have successfully used Visualization techniques is giving relief to cancer patients. For example, if a patient had a tumor in the liver, he was taught to practice relaxation and in the state of relaxation they advice him to visualize a light falling on his tumor and gradually the size of the tumor is getting smaller and smaller and ultimately it disappears. They have shown that such systematic visualization practice helps quiet a number of patients who had cancer in specific bodily organs. Initially other medical experts did not take them seriously. Subsequent proper documentation and experiences of many patients have swung the pendulum. Now number of research scholars too recognize the value of such visualization techniques. Certainly visualization practice with relaxation will benefit patients suffering from psychosomatic diseases. Benjamin O Bidd and Joseph J Weed in their book 'Amazing secrets of psychic healing have given a large number of examples of curing minor or major physical problems by such technique which they named "Medi-Pic". They used various mental images to correct the pathology of a particular illness. Visualization is a powerful tool because our brain does not understand the difference between visualization and reality. Hence, the brain transmits messages for real transformation in the bodily organs. Following are some of the visualization techniques which can be practiced for achieving positive results in specific psychosomatic problem. First practice meditation for 15 to 20 minutes and at the end practice the visualization technique for few minutes.

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