Acidity and Peptic Ulcer


A diet rich in chillis and oils as well as mental tension increases the stimulation of the specific nerves responsible for acid secretion in the stomach. The continued acid secretion over a period of time destroys the delicate linings of the stomach resulting into an ulcer. Antacids and other medicines which neutralise the acid or reduce stimulation of nerves helps a person for a short period. For long term benefits a change in diet and transformation of one's outlook and mental state are essential.

Regular practice of Raja Yoga definitely makes ones outlook towards the day-to-day events positive. Raja Yoga also motivates a person and provides enough mental power to adopt a healthy life style.

The following visualisation would benefit to reduce the stimulation of the specific nerve and in turn the acid secretion. This would also promote healing of the ulcer.

In a deep meditation state, visualise that soothing and relaxing rays are falling from the Supreme on to the soul and like a lazer beam have a soothing effect on your stomach. Also picturise that the stimulation of nerves going to the stomach is reduced... Production of acids in your stomach is also reducing and the ulcer is gradually healing..

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