High Blood Pressure

 Stress stimulates a specific part of one's nervous system medically known as sympathetic nervous system. As these nerves get stimulated the level of blood pressure increases The nicotine present in tobacco is also responsible for high blood pressure. There is a natural tendency for high blood pressure as age advances. The flexibility of the blood vessels is inversely proportional to age. As age advances blood vessels become rigid leading to high blood pressure. But high blood pressure observed amongst persons who are not even fifty years old is possibly due to the stress and life style factors. Practise the visualisation suggested below:

Now I am feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful... I am receiving the tranquilising rays from the Supreme... The undue stimulation of the special nerves responsible for increasing blood pressure is reducing... the positive vibrations have covered the complete area of my heart... the heart muscles are becoming relaxed and healthy... Day by day the pressure on my blood vessels is reducing..

Such specific visualisation at the end of each session of Raja Yoga practice can help patients suffering from Artheritis, Backpain, Asthma, Diabetes, Skin Diseases and so on when combined with the conventional medicines.

If you have found the informations given in this book useful, do apply them in your day-to-day life. You may also once again read the relevant portions. The practical meditation described in the fourth chapter cannot replace a systematic course given at the local Raja Yoga Centres. These seven days courses for one hour daily are offered free of cost. Hence, for profound benefits readers may take this practical course of Raja Yoga at one of the three thousand and five hundered Raja Yoga Centres situated across the world.

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