Now that I have realised I am an eternal and immortal being and my original nature is that of peace and bliss, I feel comfortable with myself.... God, the Supreme, is my Spiritual Father and I have experienced his power and positive qualities ... When God is with me I am completely secure... Having experienced lasting peace, happiness and inner powers all my desires are fulfilled... I realise that except God no human being can protect me in present as well as in future... In the hands of the Supreme I am completely secure.... As I realise my lasting relationship with the Almighty I don't have any more expectations from others... All my desires are fulfilled. (Repeat these positive thought 3- 4 times at the end of each meditation practice and also convince yourself that most of your insecurities are unreal. They are never going to happen in reality. Also find out some points of spiritual wisdom to overcome your negative thoughts and repeat them daily.)

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