Try to feel relaxed.. Don't worry whether you fall asleep or not. When you are moderately tired lie down in bed practicing meditation. Within a few days the sleep centres in the Hypothalamus will become active and you will be able to get a sound sleep. Remember what you need is rest rather than sleep. If you're relaxed even without sleep you will definitely get a good rest which is sufficient). The experience of the communion with the Almighty gives me a deep feeling of relaxation ... As I experience this communion with the Almighty I experience the original state of the soul ... My tensions and worries are minimised, therefore, I feel free and  relaxed... I am able to concentrate on this practice of meditation.. I am feeling light... My eyes are becoming heavier and heavier ... I am feeling sleepy.. I let go off my bodily parts... Slowly reduce the speed of meditative thoughts and let the natural physiological phenomenon do its work.. while you lie down in bed in a comfortable dark atmosphere You may automatically fall asleep. Even if you don't fall asleep just try to feel comfortable with yourself.

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