One word substitution. single words with powerful meaning .single word for competitive exam. English word power.

 A person of the same rank or position in an office : Colleague

Sweet smell : Fragrance

Sweet music : Melody

Physical features of an area : Topography

A place where ships take shelter : Harbor

A place where airplanes are kept : Hanger

Excessive favoritism towards one's relatives : Nepotism

A place where accident has taken place : Locale

A person who loves everyone : Altruist

Partial loss of memory : Amnesia 

Total loss of voice : Aphonia

Yearly return of a date : Anniversary

People at a sport : Spectators

People at a concert : Audience

A letter or document which doesn't bear the name of the author : Anonymous

A person who commits the first act of attack : Aggressor

A government where  the  powers are concentrated in the hands of one person : Autocracy

A short story designed to teach a moral or religious lesson : Allegory

A minister representing a sovereign/state in a foreign country : Ambassador

That which occurs after  every two years : Biennial

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