You are a Guest in this World

 when you are at home you expect all comforts but when you go to some other place as a guest even if you have to bear me discomfort and difficulty you don't bother about it because you know that you are just a guest. In day-to-day life too if you consider yourself as a guest in this huge world you will happily face the problems and difficulties. When you consider yourself a guest firstly, you know this is a temporary phase which is not going to last for long. Secondly, you also don't accept many things from others because you know this is not your own home. Thirdly, you also don't become demanding as you do at your home. Similarly, if you remember all these three points in your day-to-day life you will remember that problems are not long lasting. You will so minimize your expectations and not have a demanding nature. When you go somewhere as a guest you are eager to go back to your original place. As a human being when we are guest in this world we become eager to go to our original place which is not the mundane universe but a world of tranquil life.

The soul world is a metaphysical world which is described in different terms in various religions. The soul world is described as Paramdham, Brahmalok, Shantidham, Satva Asman and so on. This is the original abode where souls resides in their original state. In the soul world there are no actions, there are no words as well as no thoughts. The soul resides in perfect stillness in this original home. While being a guest in this huge world do remember your original home for experiencing stillness and tranquility.

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