Don't feel jealous but do contemplation

 It is said that pyre burns a dead body but jealousy burns a living one. Jealousy has a tremendous negative effect on our physiological processes as well as the mental apparatus. When you feel jealous of others you are destroying yourself and in no way is the other person affected. In order to overcome this self destroying habit of jealousy as soon as you recognize the thought of jealousy immediately tell yourself: 'such thoughts are not at all beneficial to me instead I should spend time in positive contemplation about my true self about God, the Supreme and my relation with him'. Such positive contemplation will help me in overcoming my problem. You may also find out the cause of your jealousy. You may feel jealous of your colleague who got a promotion. Instead of feeling jealous think: 'I will improve my ability so that in the future I too shall get a promotion'. This type of positive approach helps in minimizing jealousy and will inspire you for positive actions.

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