You are an actor in this huge world drama

 The previous twelve points are well known in psychology. I have only put them together so that you may benefit from their use in stressful circumstances. Now I wish to tell you some points which are related to spiritual knowledge and the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. I have found these points to be extremely useful in managing tensions.

When you feel a sense of attachment to any of life's situation you become tense and uncomfortable. The primary teaching of spirituality that you are an actor in this huge world drama is of tremendous value in leading your life with detachment and happiness.

Stage actors play various type of roles which are connected with tragedy, unhappiness, suffering and so on. But they never forget that they are just playing the role. In real life, they are well off and completely different from this role. They are not attached to their specific roles at all. Similarly when you realize and understand that you are a metaphysical spark of light energy who has adorned body as a costume for playing the specific role allotted to you. You just need to play your role in the best possible manner. The problems which you are facing are just a part of your acting. In reality you are a peaceful, relaxed and happy being.

When a super star plays a role of a beggar or a coolie he in no way feels accordingly because the consciousness is always that I am a super star. In a similar manner while you are facing problems remember that originally you are a peaceful soul.

An actor always acts as per the direction and desire of the director. God, the Supreme, is the director of this huge world drama. Perform your actions according to the directions and the commandments of the Supreme. While playing a role, the actor also knows that I am playing this role for a short while. This mental attitude will also help you hence tell yourself: "I am just playing my role for a while."

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