You always benefit from criticism


Invariably we feel disturbed when someone criticizes us. We brood over such instances and we become all the more tensed. We consider our critics to be our enemies and hate them. Even from realistic perspective our critics are our well wishers. Infact they are doing a job of a good psychotherapist not for any psychological disease but they want to find out their weakness and short comings. A psychotherapist interviews you or with help of some psychological tests he is able to pin point your personality drawbacks and weaknesses and takes handsome fees from you whereas the critics are doing the same job of finding your weaknesses and drawbacks without taking any fees from you. Therefore you should feel happy about it and thank them.

Your critics are acting like a magnifying lens. They tend to magnify negative points of your life. Your critic bay magnify your negative points ten times, hundred times even more hence when you meet with criticism do a self analysis and accept those negative points if they are there your life even in a very small percentage. Make efforts for sale transformation. Very rarely will you find that someone criticizes you on a particular point which is not a part of you life at all. If this is the case you should not bother about all but as I explained earlier such occasions will be very very rare. Invariably the particular point is a part of your life to a small extent and your critics tend to enlarge it. For example: If you keep your things neat and clean no one will criticize you for not keeping things in the proper place. Similarly, you are a humble person no one will say that you are egoistic. Only if you have some ego, your critics will exaggerate the matter and put them before others. Therefore, whenever you meet criticism learn to look at things in retrospective way and remove those negative tendencies.

When someone criticizes you rather than becoming unhappy and remorseful you should feel happy and joyous because if you are doing routine things and don't try to progress in life no one will criticize you. The moment you do some thing productive and try to excel other people who envy you will tend to pass adverse comments against you. This implies that criticism is a sign of 'PROGRESS', When you

progress in your life or get a promotion you feel happy about it. Criticism is also a similar occasion and you should feel joyous on such instances. While the shooting of any motion picture is going on there is a helper who at regular intervals shows the mirror to the main actor. This helps the main actors to correct his make-up if necessary. Similarly, your critics are also doing the job of the helper projecting your weakness and negative points. It is said that for an efficient functioning of any government there is need for a healthy opposition. Similarly we need critics for our all round development If no one criticizes you, you will never be able to correct your mistakes. Hence, from now on when someone criticizes you, think over the above mentioned points and use criticism for self development.

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