Practice mental filing system

 Mr. Jayesh a young executive was travelling with me in a train.  On learning that I was a psychotherapist, he questioned: "I am fairly efficient in my work but often I have to do many things at a time. I become anxious and confuse because of it. I am not able to take quick decisions and my efficiency in lowered" On further inquiry he revealed that he had an extremely competitive nature. He wanted to do too many things at a time. I advised him to adopt the filing system. This system helps in relieving tension and confusion. It also improves ones working efficiency. We divide all our interests, responsibilities, problems, etc., in the form of different files. At one time we take out only one file, open that file, look into those matters, take the appropriate decision and also the necessary action. Once you have done justice to that particular file you can take out another file and concentrate on those matters. In this manner if you do justice to one thing at a time you will not become confused and your overall productivity will also increase. While you have opened one file if thoughts of other subjects come to your mind don't open another file at the same time. Instead tell yourself now I am working with this file. I will open the another file the appropriate time and honestly look into that matter. This means when you are studying, open the file of studies only, keeping other files aside. When you spend time with your children totally enjoy those moments. When you are doing office work concentrate fully on office work, other thoughts are bound to intrude when you follow this system but don't be disturbed by them. Tell yourself now 1 have opened this particular file and I will open the other file only after some time. With a few months of practice you will be conditioned to fully concentrate on one thing at a time.

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