Take life one day at a time

 This very popular slogan when adopted in life can minimise lot of our sorrows, worries, guilt feelings and unnecessary tension. I have seen many patients who keep recalling past deeds and feel guilty about them. Mr. D'sousa who consulted me for compulsive hand washing revealed after some sessions of psychotherapy that when he was young he used to steal small articles from the neighbors house. In adult life this memory continuously disturbed him and unconsciously and unknowingly he succumbed to compulsive hand washing. Feeling guilty about your past deeds does not help you in anyway because the past is already over. Past is gone. Past is like a cancelled cheque which you will not be able to incash under any circumstances. At the most you can learn a lesson from past experiences. Another segment of society comprises of people who worry about their future. Mr. Tripathi was a very wealthy business man but he constantly worried about his future. His thoughts were "What would happen if I suffer a great loss? Who will look after my business if I die? How would my business prosper if my children were uncapable of looking after the business?. Due to such unrealistic worries he remained anxious and insecure. Psychologists have shown that over 85 of our worries never become reality in our life Infact the future is yet not born and any sensible person would laugh at us if we worry about a child who is yet to be born. Future is like a promisory note and we are not sure whether we will get that money or not. Although we do not know what would happen in future, rather than worrying it is sensible to be optimistic about the future.

Only the present that is today is in our hand. We can make our today productive and useful. If we utilize our today in the best possible manner and do useful activity we will be able to erase some of our past mistakes and our future will definitely become bright. Rather than feeling guilty about not having studied seriously and hence not possessing a respectable qualification, it is wiser and appropriate to take up some course of adult education now. Or put efforts in improving upon your skills. Due to the sedentary life style and over eating in past, if you have put on weight rather than feeling guilty about it, exercise regularly and also follow a proper diet so that you can loose the extra weight.

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