You are a Unique Person in this World

 Half the tensions, unhappiness and sorrow which we experience in our life is because we compare ourselves with others. Due to such comparison, we feel, we are inferior to others. You feel that you are less priviledged. They are happy beings and since you don't possess the luxury you are an unhappy person. Parents tends to compare their children with their neighbours children and think that the neighbours child is good in specific game and your child is comparatively weak Children think that neighbours parents are more lenient than their parents or you may thank that your wife is less educated than your friends wife. Such comparison continues throughout our life. So the next time you compare just learn to see brighter side of life.

Remember that you are a unique person in this word. Your finger prints, your face, the single hairs of your head, everything that you possess are unique in itself Aell You must feel proud about your own uniqueness. Utilise your uniqueness in the best manner for your self developments and for helping the society. Even if you want to the compare yourself with others, compare with the less privileged ones. Look at your own blessings and the positive side and the positive side of you family members. Your child may not be very good at a particular game but he may be doing very well in studies Appreciate that your child is doing very well in studies as compared to your neighbours child. Also ponder over the fact that your wife is very co-operative and good at cookie even though she is less educated. Even if you don't have specific luxuries, but you may be keeping good health. Even you compare do it with good spirit think that if my friend has some good qualities, I will also work hard and develop them. Such positive comparison will motivate you to do some positive actions. In final analysis always repeat the following lines to yourself, "I am a unique person in this world and I will develop according to my uniqueness. I am also happy about my uniqueness."

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