Develop Positive Attitudes

 Everyone of us faces one or other type of stressful situations in our life. How we react to a particular event depends on several factors. One of the important factors is our attitude towards a particular event. When four persons have to face a specific stressful event, all the four persons are going to react in a different way which depends on their attitude towards a particular event. Let us consider a situation. You have called your friends at home and you request your wife to bring tea for them, by chance when she is bringing the tea, the tea spills. In this type of situation you may react in different manners. You may start abusing your wife and accuse her of being careless. Second reaction may be that you tell her to be careful in future. The third still positive reaction is you may say what has happened is in the past. Let's enjoy the remaining tea. You may help your wife to clean the floor. These three different reactions are because of your different attitudes. If you don't like your wife or you are already under tension you may tend to say abusive words to your wife and tend to project your anger on her. If you are a positive thinker and have a optimistic attitude towards life, you may develop the third positive reaction.

One day when you come home from a long tiring working day and find that your house is locked and your wife has gone somewhere elsewhere. In this type of situation you can have different reactions. You may become upset thinking that she knew that this was the time for me to come home  why should she go out? Second negative reaction may be you become suspicious about her character. The positive reaction can be you can open the door and relax for sometime and rationalise that she must have gone for some urgent work. As explained earlier these three reactions also depend on your attitudes. Develop a habit of looking at every event from a positive angle When you see a half filled glass of milk. The negative attitude is that the glass is half empty and the positive attitude is that at least I have got half full glass of milk. Likewise look at all circumstances from a positive angle.

  Your past experiences, parental teaching, the type of books which you read, etc., tend to shape your attitudes . Remember even if you have some painful negative past memories, you are not always going to encounter the same past experiences. Its time we learn a lesson from our past experiences but need not become pessimistic and negative thinker because of such negative experiences. If your parental teachings have implanted some negative suggestions in your mind, with help of proper understanding and logical thinking try to erase them. The spiritual knowledge and meditation practice benefits in transforming our attitude towards various life events. With some practice everyone can develop the art of positive attitudes. Once you learn this you will automatically look at the brighter side of each situation and will become immune to various types of tensions.

Your attitudes also depends on your past conditioning You may be conditioned to find out faults of others or you may be conditioned to look at your own weaknesses. You may be conditioned to feel jealous of others or to criticise others. If any such conditions are the cause of your wrong attitude, first of all consciously perceive them and put efforts of deconditioning and reconditioning your attitudes.

For positive attitudes we should also adapt a positive belief system in our life. If you believe that life is a mystery or a gamble, you will automatically tend to have a negative attitudes feel sorrow in midst of all life events. Instead, have positive belief system. During the very first step of meditation practice, when you become aware of yourself as an eternal and immortal, metaphysical point of life energy which is perpetually peaceful, happy and a pure being, you are developing a positive belief system. When you identify yourself with this physical body and direct your endeavours accordingly you tend to think that the life is a temporary phenomenon. Death is the end of your existence. You tend to develop a fear of death. Instead teachings of meditation help you to identify yourself with the metaphysical light within. You feel detached, secure and fearless in your life. You understand, realize and perceive that this body is just an instrument which I the soul use to express myself. Temporarily use various organs of the body and as soon as the task is over I once again detach myself from the mundane instrument This body is like a horse and I the soul, the point of light within is like a jockey. I am the controller of all my physical organs.

The body is like a temple and the point of divine light within is like a worship worthy deity.

The body is like a car and I am the driver who controls the car and use it in order to reach to my chosen destiny. Such a positive belief system is of tremendous value in leading a happy, healthy and harmonious life.

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