Ponder Over Advantages or Look at the Brighter Side of Life

 In every event of your life, however small or big it may he there is some direct or indirect advantage. Make it a habit of finding out that advantage and pondering over it. In some circumstances we may find there is no direct advantage but invariably we can find some indirect advantage It may so happen that the disadvantage is very big but a small advantage is present in all situations. Learn to search for such small and indirect advantages too. Doctor Majumdar, former Director of CFTRI at Mysore went to Mount Abu, the International Headquarter of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University to take a three days course in Raja Yoga While he was returning he suffered from Diarrhoea". He had to face several inconvenience because of this problem. Outwardly, speaking there were several disadvantages in this particular situation While narrating his experience he said "I had learned the art of positive thinking at Mount Abu hence I started thinking positively. During those days I had accumulated extra fat on my belly and I was putting on extra weight. Due to this diarrhoea which lasted for a week or so, 1 had lost the extra fat. I thought indeed I needed this type of treatment. Infact, the curse of diarrhoea was converted into a blessing. This is an example of finding indirect advantage in an unpleasant situation.

I wish to narrate some of my personal experiences to clarify the point. Before fourteen years I was extremely underweight. Inspite of putting efforts, I was unable to put on weigh 1 had a hectic schedule of giving lectures in various parts. of India During that period I had an attack of tuberculous meningitis in which I remained semi-conscious for a few weeks. It took almost 3 to 4 months to recover merely for continuous headache and vomiting I and my family members suffered a lot. Thus outwardly speaking it was an extremely stressful situation but even in midst of such a stressful event experienced a great benefit. I had put on 5 to 7 kgs. of weight which is very much needed. After the whole incidence was over, I started thinking whatever has happened, has happened for my benefit. Now my weight is normal and I feel happy about that This does not mean we fall sick inorder to regain necessary weight. But this is an of finding benefits in the midst of some inevitable stressful situations Another personal event which was very much stressful to begin with, became a great boon later on in my life. During pre-medical studies I had the problem of hair loss. Because of this problem I was the recipient of many adverse comments from my friends and others. I was looking five years older than my actual age. This unpleasant part of ay personality for which there was no treatment available became a great boon when I started my private medical practice in Bombay where there is a lot of competition, it s very difficult for a beginner to do well in private practice But even during the early days of my practice, patients considered me as an experienced and senior doctor, developed a faith and confidence in me. With this experience I became very positive and optimistic in my life. I am very much convinced that whatever happens is for the good and has some definite advantage.

You must have read the story of a king who had a very optimistic minister who always used to say that there is some benefit in whatever happens in life. Accidentally, once the king's little finger was cut off. On knowing this incident the minister said" don't worry whatever has happened has some advantage in it". The king got extremely annoyed and kept the minister behind the bars. Yet the minister said whatever has happened is for the best" After some days when the king went to the jungle for hunting he was caught by the tribes of the jungle. They wanted to sacrifice him on the goddess. But the rule said it was necessary to sacrifice a complete human being. When they found out that one finger of the king was amputed they disqaulified him. He felt very happy and remembered the words of his minister that there is always some advantage in every events of life. The king went to the prison and told the story to his minister. On hearing the story the minister replied "because you had put me in the prison I am safe otherwise I would have accompanied you and because I am a complete human being the tribe would have sacrificed me on their goddess". As described in this story at times we may not see any instant advantage in a particular event but in future that event can bring us some benefit.

Here are two real life incidences in which benefits were experienced in the near future. During the 1940's Mr.Shekh was scheduled to travel Bombay to London by a steamer. As he was walking towards the seaport he met with a small accident in which his right leg was fractured. Due to this small accident he had to cancel his trip. Indeed this was very disappointing but after three weeks he got the news that the steamer had drowned and all the passengers had lost their lives. Thus that small accident saved the life of Mr.Shekh from a major mishap which would have cost him his life.

Mr. Pradeep who also met with a small accident. Even after complete treatment, some deformity in his left leg persisted and he experienced difficulty in walking. He cursed himself and the accident which caused the disability to his suffering. Recently, when Bombay Suburban train department started a small special compartment for the disabled persons, he was able to take the benefit of this facility. He said, "I am lucky because of this small problem I don't have to travel in overcrowded suburban trains. This does not means we become disabled to take the priviledge travelling in the special compartment Bot what I mean when you already face the stressful situation you can lessen the pain or depression by looking for some benefit immediately or in the future.

The message is very simple. "Search for advantages in every event of your life and make a practice to ponder over them rather than the mishaps". If you do this in all spheres of your life like personal life, family life, your job environment, ete you will indeed feel that you are a lucky person.

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