Forgive your enemies in order to forget them

 When someone has misbehaved with you or posted hurdles in your life you think over such incidents and persons with distaste and become angry and disturbed. This is also a type of stress which is harmful to your health. For relieving this type of stress, the easiest and the best way is to forgive the concerned person in order to forget the unpleasant events. I have advised many people to follow this principle but most frequently they say that this is not possible. I advice them to practice forgiveness for their own benefit. When you forgive someone you yourself are benefited. Apart from a virtue, to forgive others, is also an art. Mentally we need to follow this art and master it for conquering stress. Early morning and before going to sleep, sincerely tell yourself that I forgive all those persons who have troubled me and put me in difficult circumstances. If you do this you will be able to forget the events and reduce the tension that accompanies such memories.

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