When you face problems think that the debt of your past actions is settled:

 As you sow, so shall you reap. We get equal returns of every action of our life. If our actions are positive we get positive returns and if our actions are negative we get negative returns. For some of our actions, we may receive immediate feedback. Whereas for other types of actions we may get the feedback after a long time. For our undesirable and negative actions of the past we may be paying the dues now. Hence during difficult circumstance if we think we are repaying our dues, we will not feel disturbed. Suppose if you have borrowed Rs.15,000/- from someone and repay Rs.5000/-every month. Although you have to cut down your expenses and you have to forgot some of the luxury, yet you feel happy about it because you know that your dues are getting settled. If you think along these lines when you face some problems in your life you will be able to maintain the stability of mind.

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