Observe thought patterns for few minutes daily

 In this era of jet race our life has become so fast that we hardly have some time to observe our own thought patterns. For relieving stress, spend sometime and just observe your own thought processes. Specially when you have negative emotions, do observe your thoughts. When you do self observation, you are able to understand yourself better. On several occasions you will find that although externally you may think of something else but the actual internal desire is completely different. For example, when you become angry with someone externally you may think anger may make the other person do a proper job but infact the reason for your anger was your won frustrations. If you do self analysis you will be able to identify such minute real cause of your negative emotions and will be able to put efforts to erase them. Surrender your worries to the Almighty. If you are carrying two bags of luggage and if you meet a friend who offers to help you by picking up a bag, you will certainly fee relieved. In the present era when everyone is carrying a lot of mental burden, God, the Supreme is certainly a genuine friend who offers to share your burden. Instead of carrying, these bags of worries, anxiety, fears, insecurities and so on it is wiser to take support from the Supreme who is always ready to offer it. Faith in the God brings mental support and inner power to face adverse circumstances.

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