Step IV (Tuning the mind to Almighty)

 Once you generate the above mentioned positive thoughts leading to self-realisation, you will experience the feeling of lightness, tranquility and freedom from attraction towards the physical body. For experiencing this quickly and deeply, first of all churn these positive thoughts with conviction. Secondly, picturise them. When you think that I am a point of light also picturise a point of light or a shining star or a flame of light, whatever you prefer, in the centre of the forehead. Psychological studies have shown that what you see has 70% effect on your mind, what you hear has 25% and remaining 5 % comes from other senses like smell, taste etc. Hence when you generate pictures during meditation practice, it will have a much more profound effect. Thirdly, also feel the positive thoughts that you have generated. When you say that I am an eternal soul try to feel that you are a being completely different from the physical body and your existence is going to last forever. Body is a mortal instrument but you are an immortal being. When you think of yourself as a peaceful soul you will experience a sense of lightness and tranquility. Let go all your bodily muscles. Likewise, along with thinking also picturise all thoughts as well as feel accordingly.

Now during this fourth stage of Raja Yoga practice gently and naturally generate positive thoughts related to the various aspects of God-realization. The basic concept of realization is that he is an infinitesimal, point of conscient light and might. Although the form of the supreme is the smallest of small beings in the Universe, yet a minutes and powers are inversely proportional to his mom that means his attributes, qualities and powers are largest.of the large, highest of the high in the Universe. His form is perceived as a point of light. In geometry a point has no dimensions. The Supreme being is the divine mother, father of all souls. Hence, if you deeply analyse the fundamental teachings of all religions about God, it is similar. In the basic. teachings of all religions, the Supreme Is considered incorporeal und a being of light. We shall not go in further detailed analysis of the various dimensions of God realization because this is not the primary object of the book. Interested readers are advised to read other publications of Brahma Kumaris in which these dimensions are clarified extensively.

For the basic practice of Raja Yoga it would suffice to say that we can receive unconditional love of all relations from the Supreme. Yoga is not only a mental and intelectual communion with Almighty but during Raja Yoga practice we establish all relationship with Him. We remember the Almighty as our divine mother, father, a beloved friend spiritual teacher and highest preceptor. Following is a set of positive thoughts which can be used for tuning one's mind to the Supreme:

Having realised myself as an eternal point of divine light, now I turn my mind to the Supreme... with the help of my mind and intellect I see another brilliant point of light might in Shantidham ... Although the form of my beloved Father is the micro conscient point of divine light but His attributes are unlimited.. He is ocean at peace. I receive soothing and relaxing vibrations of peace from Him Like laser beam these divine rays fall on me. I am experiencing these peaceful vibrations and go deeper and deeper in this experience of peace... God, the Supreme is the ocean of bliss, being His child I am a blissful soul... As I become aware of this fact I feel light and relaxed.. mental relaxation is also spreading to physical body.. the vibration of relaxation in my hands as well as in other parts of the body is being felt... This experience of supersensuous joy is so pure that I feel detached from bodily organs and the whole mundane world... I feel totally satisfied with this experience of bliss... the Almighty is the ocean of purity too ... I am receiving the radiant vibrations of purity... The impurity of the soul is being washed away and thrown out of the body from the extremities. I am becoming clean and bright as the layers of the impurity are removed from the soul.. I am experiencing my original perfect stage of I realize this truth that I am a pure soul I start experiencing my original inner beauty... I am also regaining mental powers... I am the master of all my physical senses as well as mind, intellect and personality traits - my ministers... I receive the glow of the powerful vibrations from the Almighty who is the ocean of all powers. God, the Supreme being, my divine preceptor is inspiring me to use all these powers in my day-to-day activities... I feel confident that henceforth, all my actions will be divine, positive and pure.. I am experiencing the perfect stage of stillness, fulfillment and total satisfaction.

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