Step (III) Giving turn for self realisation

 Having completed these preliminary steps of self observation you are now ready to turn your thought to the road of self-realisation. Naturally and gently generate the thoughts of self-realisation. The basic concept is to be aware about the spark of metaphysical light in the centre of the forehead which is completely different than the physical body. This metaphysical point of light has three potentials namely mind, intellect and personality trait. Mind has the property to think. Thoughts whether good or bad, positive or negative, all originate from the mind. In response to various stimuli the mind responds according to past experiences and personality traits. Although adverse circumstances, one can generate positive thoughts yet past experiences and conditions can influence the mind or pull the mind in a particular direction. The intellect takes a final decision for particular action. The intellect is also influenced by past experiences and personality traits According to the decision the soul gives specific order for a particular action. Brain and bodily organs act as instruments of expression. Every action that you do leaves an impression When a particular action is repeated on the soul impressions become more and more stronger and later on influence the mind to think in a particular manner, the intellect to take particular decisions. Understanding this mechanism helps to understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You realise that your habits, conditions and personality traits are influencing your thoughts actions. You can transform your personality traits, if you consciously transform your thinking pattern and actions. Ones you generate positive thoughts and perform positive actions soon it will become part of your conscience and it will motivate, support and direct you to do more and more positive actions. You also understand that inspite of having particular conditioning you are free to think and decide in a positive direction.

The original nature of the soul is that of peace, love, bliss purity and power. Everyone in this world desires to have love, happiness and power. All our endeavours be conscious or unconscious, are directed to satisfy this urge of experiencing peace, happiness and to become powerful. It is a different question that we don't experience them permanently but when you put efforts of earning more money, acquiring better luxuries or doing some social activities the motive behind it in one or other way is to satisfy these basic desires This itself implies that the original nature of self is that of love, happiness and power. You're a loveful soul. You're a happy and blissful soul. The soul is full of power. Everyone also likes and appreciates peace and purity. This is due to the fact that the original property of the soul is that of peace and purity. You’re a peaceful and pure soul. The experience of many meditators is that when they become conscious about the true self as an eternal, immortal, indivisible, Imperishable, point of divine light, they experience peace of mind, lasting bliss and inner power. This common experience also implies that the original property of the soul is peace, love, bliss, When you go near fire automatically you experience heat and if one holds a piece of ice in hand they experience coolness. Similarly, when you put the efforts of self-realisation you will experience the original property of soul. The above mentioned basic concept of self realisation can be explained scientifically. Interested readers are requested to refer the book 'ETERNAL DRAMA OF SOUL MATTER AND GOD' - written by the chief spokesman of Brahma Kumaris B.K.Jagdish Chander and 'POSITIVE HEALTH'-script by the Author of this book. Now having understood this basic concept, you can practice the following sample of Meditation: teach myself from the physical environment... I also detach myself from the physical body .... I become aware about my original self- a point of divine light in the centre of the forehead.. As I become aware about my true self I feel light and peaceful... I am the master of all my physical senses I use this physical body as an instrument .... I am going beyond the influence of the physical senses... I am feeling deeply relaxed... I am able to direct my mind in a desired direction.... I am also able to take positive decisions... This body is like a car and I am the conscious driver within... The body is like a robot and I the soul am like a programmer...

My original nature itself is that of peace. I am a peaceful soul... I am an embodiment of peace... As I become aware of this fact, I experience a deep sense of tranquility and satisfaction... I am a loving soul.. I give unconditional and pure love to every one, I am full of happiness.... There is a treasure of happiness and peace within ... I experience a perpetual state of happiness and bliss, because of the true awareness of the self... I am going beyond the physical attraction of the body. I am experiencing the deep stage of purity which is my original nature... The experience of real happiness makes me naturally pure.. I am also achieving control over my physical senses.. I have gained enough power to direct my mind and intellect in a positive direction and perform positive and pure actions... I am a peaceful soul full of inner mental powers..."

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