Stage VI (Narrating all feelings to Almighty)

 In this stage we express all our feelings and emotions to the Supreme and receive his guidance and suggestions. In this stage all hidden and sub-conscious emotions surface. This has a therapeutic effect, this is similar to the stage of catharsis described in the several methods of psychotherapy. Now I have experienced all relations from you Baba.. Although you know, yet I wish to tell you my complete story.

I wish to express all my feelings and emotions of day-to-day life... You guide me and give your advice according to the situations Now, if you are a beginner tell your complete story to the Supreme and as you practice daily, you can express day-to-day emotions to Him.. for seeking positive guidance.. In order to catch the inspirations of the Almighty go to the stage of perfect stillness.. and ask your question to the Almighty in a straight forward manner like talking to a friend the immediate inspirations that you receive can be followed in day-to-day life.. Don't keep any pre-conceived notions or preferences in order to receive clear messages from the Almighty.

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