Step I ( Preliminary Preparations)

 Before performing minor or major surgery it is essential for the surgeon to prepare himself. Without the basic preliminary preparation successful operation is not possible. Similarly, for a deep and lasting experience of Raja Yoga, some basic preliminary preparations are essential. One needs two types of preparations, namely:-physical preparations and mental preparations.

Physical Preparations

Don't practice meditation when you are physically tired. Asa beginner meditation practice in a distracting environment also won't be successful. Select a place which is at least free from noise and other distractions. If the room is illuminated with red light, it will have a positive effect. Research studies have shown that, dark red light has same adverse effect on one's mind but the light red atmosphere that is pink colour has the tranquilizing effect on one's mind. The red tube which is usually seen at Raja Yoga Centres in fact, creates a pink atmosphere leading to positive effects,


The aim of Raja Yoga is to become a Karmayogi which means to remain in the meditative mood even while doing day to day actions. Yet for a deep experience of meditation, special practice, twice a day for 20 to 25 minutes is essential. During such periods of meditation practice it is not necessary to sit in a difficult posture. You can practice Raja Yoga in any easy posture. From anatomical and physiological angles it is advisable to keep one's back straight. Keep upper extremity in semiflexion and all bodily muscles in as much relaxation as possible. For this health promoting position sit cross legged, keep your hands in your lap, stretch your back to a maximum straight position and then slightly let go, automatically your back will take up the natural curves. You can comfortably sit in this position for 20 to 25 minutes. Every time when you practice meditation always sit in this comfortable position This has a significant advantage because your body and mind will be conditioned to attain the higher stage of meditation in this particular position. After some days as soon as you sit down for meditation your brain will start receiving positive messages and signals and very soon you will be able to go deeper and deeper in the experience of Raja Yoga.

The uniqueness of Raja Yoga is that the practitioner keeps his eyes naturally open. An unexprienced meditator may think that open eyes leads to distractions. One may argue that it is difficult to detach oneself from those visible scenes. On a superficial level this argument is true but the deep analysis would reveal that closed eyes are more distracting. When you close your eyes your sub-conscious mind will come to the surface and your mind will be pulled by the large number of subconscious memories. Your distractions will have no limits. Your mind may jump from subject to another. Secondly when you practice meditation with closed eyes, the possibility to go to sleep increases. Although this is not a positive advantage but the point is worth considering. Thirdly, our object of practicing meditation is to become a karmayogi. We intend to maintain the stage of meditation even during day-to-day activities. If you are conditioned to practice meditation with closed eyes, you won't be able to maintain the same stage during the physical activities, when you need to keep your eyes open. Therefore it is sensible to attain the stage of meditation with pen eyes, Once you are conditioned in few days you will at least be able to partially attain the same level of consciousness while doing the routine activities. You would agree that during several activities we don't apply your mind consciously, because we have repeated those activities for a long time. Fourthly, experience of peace and self-transformation is not the only object of meditation. The higher object is to help the society which would include human being, animals and the environment. Research done in the field of subtle energies and auras have shown that through certain parts we transmit maximum vibrations in the atmosphere. Palms of the hand and soles of the feet are shown to be the good media of transmitting these vibrations. Perhaps this is the scientific reason of touching the feet of elders in order to receive their blessings. The best medium of spreading positive vibrations are eyes. To a greater extent you can perceive the state of mind of the person from his eyes. Even a child is able to perceive the mood of mother from her eyes. The open eye meditation has the profound benefit of making the surrounding atmosphere peaceful and pure. Having understood all these four points do the experiment of open eye meditation for a few months and experience the benefits yourself.


Meditation can be practiced at any time when one is free yet the early morning and the evening time around sunset the surrounding atmosphere itself facilitates the meditation practice. Therefore, if you can adjust your schedule prefer these specific times.

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