Raja Yoga is a powerful tool for holistic healing.  Raja Yoga practice has positive influence on the whole existence of human being. It harmonises the physiological system as a whole as well as transforms all spheres of human existence that is physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, occupational - social and spiritual. Raja Yoga therapy is truly a holistic treatment as it heals the governing mechanisms and the controller of the whole person. Raja Yoga also transform ones life style and relieves emotional and mental conflicts as well as brings lasting peace and satisfaction in one's life. Raja Yoga is not only an intellectual method but its a way of living

One of the basic rules of holistic health care is healing takes place from within. Raja Yoga also heals a person from within. Raja Yoga practice transforms the biochemistry of brain inturn having a harmonising effect on whole organism. It is said that holistic healing is self initiated. Raja Yoga is also a self initiated technique in which healing takes place as a result of activation of health promoting physiological and biochemical processes. During Raja Yoga practice the person also re-establishes the harmony with other human beings, his environment and the universal life energy. Raja Yoga practice potentiates the length, breadth and depth of human existence. Raja Yoga practice is not a retreat from personal, social and professional responsibility but it's an art of fulfilling those responsibilities in a balanced way and achieving the goal of holistic self-development-physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual

Yoga is a sanskrit word derived from another sanskrit word "Uhja" which literally means link, connection or communication In spiritual terminology yoga means communion of the self with the Supreme being. Once this communion is established the practitioner receives positive

vibrations of tranquility, bliss, purity, mercy, etc. from the Supreme Soul. It is a well known fact that when a tuning fork' is vibrating, if you bring another tuning fork close to it, the second one also starts vibrating with same frequency. God, the Supreme, always vibrates with the frequency of peace, bliss, purity, power and all other positive qualities. During yoga practice one just tunes one's mind to the supreme. In other words one just takes his consciousness near the Almighty and no sooner does this happen then the practitioner's mind also picks up those positive harmonising health promoting frequencies.

The mechanism of yoga practice can be explained with the help of another example: Different radio stations are broadcasting their programmes on specific wave lengths. When we adjust your radio on a specific wave length it will pick up those particular programme. During yoga practice one simply tunes ones mind to the wavelength of the Supreme Soul and in turn receives all those positive vibrations.

The therapeutic and healing effects of Raj Yoga can be understood by understanding the following steps of Raj Yoga practice.

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