Use or importance of precis writing

 Precise writing is the process of summarizing the original text. Precis writing is useful in reading, writing and in practical life. A person, who is involved in academic works, must have the adequate skill of precis riting. For example,a scholar who is doing a research study must know how to summarize the data or information obtained.

           The uses of precis writing are as below:

  1. Reading:   Precis writing  is a very fine exercise in reading.  if we read carelessly , only the vague idea of the passage or text can be understood. Nothing provides a stronger corrective to such a habit than the practice of  writing down the main points or writing precis of the text which have been just read. No one can write the precis or summary of the passage unless he has read it attentively and grasped its meaning completely. Thus, precis writing or summarizing is an excellent training in concentration. It teaches us to read with the mind along with the eyes. It can be said precis writing strengthens real reading.
  2. Writing:   Precis writing is a good exercise in writing. It teaches one to express one's thought clearly, concisely and effectively. The habit of vague and disordered writing can be removed by means of the exercise of precis writing of the passage. While writing a passage, repetition of the same points and room for irrelevancies can be omitted if we are well skilled in writing precis because precis writing teaches us to choose the words carefully, to construct our sentences completely and briefly, and to put our matter in a strictly logical order. thus, the exercise of precis writing or summarizing certainly strengthens writing skills.
  3. Practical life: The skill of precis writing really  helps everyone  in practical life because it  teaches us to express our thoughts in few words, and to express them clearly, coherently, logically and effectively as in the practice of precis writing, the practice in compressing teaches us to economize the words, phrases and sentences. Thus it helps us to put our thoughts successfully in our practical life.

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