Qualities or Essentials of good precis

A precis is the gist or main theme of a passage compressed in as few words as possible. Qualities of good precis writing are as below:

  1. Leading Thought: A good precis should give the leading thoughts or the main points and the general impression of the passage summarized. It should convey the central idea completely and clearly.
  2. Coherence: A good precis should be a continuous piece of prose, i.e. coherence should be maintained in a precis. It must be a connected whole.
  3. Brevity: A good precis should be precis  and brief. Only leading thoughts should be included but unimportant points shouldnot  be included. Brevity with completeness, clearness and accuracy means here precis and brief. 
  4. Accuracy and completeness: A good precis shouldnot be sketchy. It should be complete in everyway. All the important points should be included.  It should convey the same message or information that is conveyed by the original text.
Unity: Unity should be introduced in a precis. Irrelevancies should not be included. Unimportant and less important details should be removed. 

                                                   Thus, a precis having leading thoughts, coherence, clarity, brevity, accuracy, unity and completeness is known as a good precis.

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