The Business Letters

 The business letters are formal and official letters which are practised for particular purposes. the main aim of the business letters is to establish business relationship between two firms or companies. These are the standard letters which deal with some subjects such as ordering, request, booking, complaint, apology, inquiry, transfer of money, reference, etc.Thus, these letters are uased to keep the legal records of the transactions between the firms or institutions involved.

   Furthermore, the business letters are written to keep in touch with customers and the business firms, and to strengthen business ties or relationship. The business letters are not only written for business deals like ordering goods, requesting credit, making claims and adjustments but also for seeking employment and conducting social business.

   The business letters should be concise or terse, clear  and to the point because these letters are written foer particular purposes. Although  short, clear and to the point letters are supposed to be used in the business, they should be polite in tone. Every information required for the business should be conveyed by the business letters.

    The following parts should be used in the business letters:-

  1. the letterhead,
  2. the heading
  3. the reference or the subject line (optional)
  4. the superscription(the inside address)
  5. the salutation,
  6. the body,
  7. the ending,
  8. the subscription,
  9. the signature (along with name and post of the sender),
  10. the post script (optional) and the enclosures (optional).
     The following types are the common categories of the business letters:

  1. letters that ask and transmit,
  2. letters of acknowledgement,
  3. letters of claims and adjustments,
  4. letters of credit and collection, 
  5. letters of appreciation, 
  6. letters of negotation and collaboration and
  7. letters for co-operation.

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