One word substitutions

  1. Promise given by a prisoner not to escape = Parole
  2. Aggressor in army =  Van guard
  3. Ephemeral ecstasy = Euphoria
  4. Property left to someone by will = Legacy
  5. An instrument for detecting earthquakes = Seismograph
  6. A word no longer in use = Obsolete
  7. A government which honors all religions = Secular
  8. A person who is very fond of his wife =Uxorious
  9. A book / paper  written by the hand = Manuscript
  10. A person who is suffering from a nervous break down =Neurotic
  11. A disease that ends in death =Fatal
  12. An instrument for seeing distant things = Telescope
  13. Incapable of being burnt = Imcombustible
  14. The plants and vegetations of an area = flora
  15. The animals of a certain region = Fauna

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